Inspiration Have you ever experienced a time when you’re out with friends, enjoying the evening at the lounge bar, and suddenly, you want to take some photos of those good times? Of course, I’m sure everyone has. Well, like me, you probably pulled out your mobile phone to take a quick picture of your lovey-dovey as they sip that colorful cosmopolitan drink. Mobile phones have come ( read more... )

Music Ever wonder what an Italian film score sounds like? Yeah? Well how about Italian scores from erotic films? Even if you haven’t seen an Italian erotica, these scores are great for every lounge music lover (pun intended). “Beat At Cinecitta” is a music score compilation from, you guessed it, raunchy and erotic Italian films from the 60′s and 70′s. Italian composers such as Piero Piccioni ( read more... )

Style in the Aisle

May 17th 2011 by Steven Padal

Fashion The Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington is nearing the end of a temporary exhibit called “Style in the Aisle: Flight Attendant Fashion.” The exhibit first began in 2008 and has become so popular that the museum has added new uniforms to the exhibit. Travel Channel has a great photo compilation of “Style in the Aisle” with captions describing each of the photos. The exhibit shows ( read more... )

Music Dave Pike has created this swell recording for all those swingin’ bachelors. Herbie Hancock plays the keyboard along side Dave Pike’s vibraphone. Bobby Hebb had wrote “Sunny” and introduced it in this album, which was later released for hundreds of additional recordings. This album reminds me a little of Cal Tjader, who was the creator of Acid Jazz. Some of my favorite recordings are “Blind ( read more... )

Design For all those photographers out there, the time has come. A high-end retro camera is in your near future. The Fujifilm FinePix X100 not only has a beautiful retro design, it also contains classic features that many will appreciate. It will sport a hybrid view-finder, which will have a window-type “bright frame” optical viewfinder similar to classic 135-size cameras incorporated with an electronic viewfinder system. ( read more... )

Music A well known Brazilian singer, Elis Regina, born on March 17, 1945 would have been 65. She unfortunately died very young at the age of 36 on January 19, 1982.  Regina is most notable for singing Bossa Nova music. Elis Regina began her singing career at the age of 11 and released her first album when she was 16 years old. She had released around 30 albums between ( read more... )

Music Electrify your Christmas music mix with some Hammond organ sounds! Jimmy Smith originally was a pianist and later became an organist in the early 50’s. Smith signed on with Verve Records in the 60’s and had the opportunity to collaborate with the great Lalo Schifrin and Wes Montgomery. Don’t be mistaken; Jimmy Smith’s style is not your typical funeral or church organ music. His jazz ( read more... )

Music Romance, comedy and suspense are what you experience when watching the movie Charade (1963). Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn take you through a cat and mouse chase, running through the streets of Paris, as they try to find out where stolen money is located. The soundtrack to Charade was created by Henri Mancini and complements the movie quite nicely. Mancini does a brillant job following ( read more... )



Music Karminsky Experience Inc. is best known for creating middle eastern influenced Electronica music. But his more recent album, Snapshot (2007), has a radical retro lounge theme. While listening to Snapshot, a mixture of library, beach, and jazz music transforms into wonderful melodies. The album begins with Summer Song, which is happy and inviting – it creates images of beach summer fun! Into The Blue has ( read more... )

Music Lady’s and gentlemen, grab your partner, cause it’s time for some be-boppin’! Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks and Annie Ross are three jazz vocalists that formed in 1957. The trio unfortunately were not active for many years and ended their trio in 1962. Though, Ross was replaced Yolande Bavan in 1962 and continued through 1964. The trio have strong and powerful vocals that flow well with ( read more... )

Lalo Schifrin

Jul 20th 2010 by Steven Padal

Music Lalo Schifrin is by far one of the most talented and sophisticated musical artists of our time. Not only is Schifrin well known for composing the theme to “Mission Impossible,” he is also a pianist, conductor and performer of jazz, bossa nova, and classical music. Schifrin began his musical journey in Argentina, his native country, while training and studying piano and classical music at an ( read more... )

Music Need a compilation of some catchy tunes? Well, you’ve come to the right diner! I was hungry for more lounge music and found “Music for TV Dinners: The Sixties.” For those that don’t know many lounge artists, this is a great compilation with a tasty mix of library music. The album includes artists such as Syd Dale, Laurie Johnson, and of course the great Alan ( read more... )