Advertising Found a whole bunch of really nice vintage American car advertisements from the 1950s and 1960s in the Ultra Swank Flickr Group. Wish Detroit still would do classic hand drawn illustrations like this today for their cars. Which is your favorite American mid century car and why? ( continue reading... )

The Cocktail Nation

The Cocktail Nation: Kenny Sasaki

Episode 323    Aug 17th 2014

We are in Tokyo Japan to talk to Kenny Sasaki from the Tiki Boys about his latest release called Bird Island. I’ve got a great little story about Mel’s Diner for you, and it turns out other radio shows have been talking about me so we will play some audio from that and find out what people have been saying about me. News as well about a bio pic about a legend of the sixties, Russ Meyer and you will be surprised who wants the role and of course the death of Lauren Bacall.

Sexist Vintage Ads

Aug 19th 2009 by Christopher

Advertising Not that Ultra Swank condones being sexist, it just sometimes amazes me what kind of stuff advertising agencies were able to pull off around the 1950s. Here are some fine examples of American ads of the times that takes a punch at women only being good for being secretaries, housewives and objects of beauty. Even though the ads would never pass in a magazine today, they are still cute in a old fashioned way. Thankfully, men have evolved a little over the years. (Via) ( continue reading... )

Advertising I always found the Motorola TV ads from Taschen’s book All-American Ads of the 60s very unique. They feel so retro but still very futuristic at the same time and I love the way they portray the future in such a optimistic and bright way that was only possible in the mid 20th century. The illustrations were drawn by Charles Schridde and the advertisements were ( read more... )

Advertising For all you ladies out there, here are a few scans of retro Revlon advertisements for lipstick and makeup. Revlon was started back in 1932 and are most famous for their Dorian Leigh and Suzy Parker advertisements in the 1950s. ” Not a prissy pink… not a sissy pink” and “Fire and ice” are two of many memorable ads. ( read more... )

Vintage Volvos

Apr 15th 2009 by Christopher

Advertising Moving back to Sweden again for a while and more specifically to the Swedish automotive industry. For those who aren’t in the know, Sweden has two major brands; Volvo and Saab. Today we are going back to the mid 1950s to look at how the advertisements for model 121 also known as the Amazon were portrayed in the country that brought you all ABBA, IKEA ( read more... )



Advertising Here’s a glimpse into the wonderful world of now defunct Trans World Airlines (TWA). I love the catchy and somewhat cheesy 1960s theme song! The video could use some color correction obviously seeing it has degraded quite a lot over the years, but who cares. Following that video is a promotion of Boeing’s new 747 airliner with what looks like Trans World’s livery. I can’t ( read more... )