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A Tour of the Time & Life Building in the 1960s

The Time & Life Building, located at 1271 Avenue of the Americas, were designed by the Rockefeller family’s architects, Harrison & Abramowitz & Harris. The iconic building was completed in 1959, and actually serves as base of operations for fictional ad-agency Sterling Draper & Partners. Let’s explore further. It is evident by looking at these photos that the set designers of AMC’s Mad Men took...

A Tour of the Sterling Cooper & Partners Office

Ever wondered what it would be like to work at Sterling Cooper & Partners along Don Draper and Peggy Olsen? Are you an admirer of the mid-century furniture, wallpaper and design? Well, look no further. Ultra Swank has jetted off to New York to take a tour of the latest incarnation of the home of Mad Men… and women. Both the agency’s name, look and...

The Cocktail Nation Podcast

The Cocktail Nation

Another Story
The Cocktail Nation on October 8th, 2017

Podcast #466: Another Story

Alaskan-Style Midcentury Packaging Art
Written by Guest Writer in Design

Alaskan-Style Midcentury Packaging Art

Midcentury advertising art isn’t usually synonymous with Alaska. Manufacturing and production in the largest state of the Unites States of America has never been on the same level as the other states, partially due to a short growing season and partially due to the high costs of shipping. Nonetheless, Alaska has produced some goods for consumers that included: canned fish, ice cream, milk, and batteries....

Interior Design – A Journey Through the Eras

Interior design is an ever evolving industry. What we know today isn’t the way things have always been. Throughout the years our ideas of home decoration have developed and progressed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a little inspiration in trends from years gone by. Much like fashion, interior trends always come back around and right now we’re taking on vintage styles to give...

That Time When Bubble Houses Were the Future

Old house plans are one thing that enthusiasts of by-gone eras always seem to look at. It’s fun to imagine yourself living amongst the lines drawn in your house plan books. Instead of squares and rectangles, what if you were to live amongst circles and round edges? In architectural terms you might label that Googie style. So without further ado, I would like to present...

You are Cordially Invited to a Paris Ghost Apartment

From the street at 28 rue Pétrelle in Paris, passersby have little idea what lies hidden inside other than some unusual furniture placed outside with a card attached to the front door which reads; “Please ring the bell, Magdelena Woll receives from 17h to 21h.” Well, let’s go in an meet our mysterious host. Upon entering we find several candles lit and multiple rooms that...

Elvis’ Palm Springs Honeymoon Home for Sale

Elvis Presley fans rejoice! The ultimate Elvis pad is now up for sale in sunny Palm Springs, California – complete with Rock ‘n’ Roll memorabilia. In 1962, Look Magazine featured the estate calling it the “House of Tomorrow” due to its forward-thinking decor. Oh, and Lisa Marie was most likely conceived here. In 1966 this historic mid-century house was leased to Elvis Presley and Priscilla...

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