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Modernism Week

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Feb 15th 2013 by Amy Thyr

Event A mecca for all things mid-century modern, Palm Springs once again showcases its world-famous modern design, architecture, and culture with the 11-day festival know as Modernism Week. Modernism was a popular design aesthetic originating in the 1950s and ’60s, which typified clean, simple lines with elegant informality. It came to define desert modernism as a sought-after architectural genre. Modernism Week has become one of the most popular events for architects, modernism aficionados, artists, designers, and mid-mod fans. Over the last few years the attendance has grown to around 35,000 people and 2013 is expected to be bigger and better than ever. Palm Springs Modernism Week features over 100 events including architectural tours, films, lectures, symposiums, ( continue reading... )

The Cocktail Nation

The Cocktail Nation: Kenny Sasaki

Episode 323    Aug 17th 2014

We are in Tokyo Japan to talk to Kenny Sasaki from the Tiki Boys about his latest release called Bird Island. I’ve got a great little story about Mel’s Diner for you, and it turns out other radio shows have been talking about me so we will play some audio from that and find out what people have been saying about me. News as well about a bio pic about a legend of the sixties, Russ Meyer and you will be surprised who wants the role and of course the death of Lauren Bacall.

Event Never Built: Los Angeles is an exhibition opening spring 2013 at Los Angeles’s A+D Architecture and Design Museum. It features a collection of spectacular projects that only saw the drawing board. In words, drawings, models, videos and other media the show looks at visionary works that had the greatest potential to reshape the city. The exhibition will include buildings from legends like Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lautner, Rudolph Schindler, Frank Gehry and Thom Mayne, as well as master plans, parks, amusements parks and even transportation proposals like subways, monorails, and aerial transport. All could have transformed both the physical reality ( continue reading... )



Event Seattle’s CityStream goes back to the future in preparation for the 50th anniversary of the Seattle World`s Fair. Century 21 was the 1962 Fair’s theme and now that we’ve arrived, it’s time to look towards what the next fifty years will bring. ( read more... )



Event In this documentary Walt Disney himself, shows us among many things, different props that will be used at the 1964 New York World’s Fair in which Disneyland will play an important role. Classical rides such as General Electric’s Carousel of Progress, Ford’s Magic Skyway, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and It’s a Small World were all devised at this World’s Fair by Walt Disney Imagineers. ( read more... )

Event Of the three World’s Fairs set in North America in the 1960s, the 1964 fair is the most memorable and oft-cited. It wowed the young generation of Boomers with technological wonders and forward-thinking ideas. It gave us a few of the most beloved Disney attractions. And yet, it wasn’t really a World’s Fair. Hopes an economic boom through tourism inspired the planning of the 1964-65 ( read more... )

Event Let’s climb aboard the Alweg Monorail in Downtown Seattle and take a trip back to the 1962 World’s Fair: Man in the Space Age. The Century 21 Exposition brought the first World’s Fair in North America since 1940 and the United States was eager to demonstrate its new ideas and advancements in technology, science and entertainment. Rapid technological advancements, Googie architecture, and the Space Race ( read more... )