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The Uniforms of Braniff Airlines – Designed by legendary Emilio Pucci

Remember when flying was fun? Living in the post-September 11th world not everyone does. Security measures have changed the way we fly. With tedious carry-on and travel restrictions as well as economic hardship, airlines have cut travel benefits like in-flight meals and free baggage check-in. But at the height of the aviation world, flying was a special occasion that called for you to dress to...

A Salute to Retro Fashion with Le Colonel

One way to ease into retro fashion is via accessories. You don’t have to commit to a vintage Dior dress (or even a vintage look-alike) to get the look. Don’t worry about making the perfect pin curl or finding the right shade of red lipstick either. If you want a little bit of retro style in your everyday wardrobe, Le Colonel, an accessory design company...

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1950s Skincare for Women
Written by Guest Writer in Fashion

1950s Skincare for Women

Dishwashing liquid commercials vary in their subject matter. Either they take an eco-friendly approach, tug at your heartstrings by demonstrating how they save animals affected by an oil spill, or they show the product’s grease-cutting power. The Palmolive brand has come a long way from its origins as a beauty product. The above ad from the 1950’s pushes Palmolive as a beauty product promising better...

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