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Forgotten Places – No Lifeguard on Duty

A selection of excellent photos from the series No lifeguard on duty by photographer J. Bennett Fitts. If you would like to dig deeper into the history of the Salton Sea, feel free to visit fellow blogger Lee Prewitt’s blog The Salton Sea Chronicles....


Swedish filmmakers Terese Mörnvik and Ewa Einhorn team up with Fredrik Gertten from WG Film in Malmö, Sweden to bring you a documentary about a place where time has stood still for the past decades. Born from a concept of the communist past, Poland once had over 25 000 Milkbars to serve cheap traditional food for families, old and homeless people Once run and owned...

The Cocktail Nation Podcast

The Cocktail Nation

Christmas Shopping – A Long Time Ago in Sweden

Have you started making your Christmas shopping yet? If not, take a trip to the northern parts of Sweden and visit this Tempo department store. Sure looks swell with all the busy people running around....

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