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A British 1930s Time Capsule in Full Swing

Like many of us, you’ve probably wished you lived in another decade and era. Perhaps you are in love with La Belle Èpoque, Art Deco, Modernism or anything in-between. In Woody Allen’s movie “Midnight in Paris”, the protagonist explores his love with nostalgia, thinking that the past is better than the current. Aaron Whiteside, feels exactly the same way. Located in a semi-detached house in...

Retro Kitchen Renovation – Country Kitchens

From wood paneling to marble countertops, there’s nothing like a charming country kitchen to give a home some retro appeal. While this style of kitchen may have fallen out of favor in modern developments, retro country kitchens look fantastic in homes that make use of the classic design ideas of the 20th century. Want to create your own country kitchen? Use these four cool design...

The Cocktail Nation Podcast

The Cocktail Nation

A Parisian 1940s Apartment Uncovered

In late 2010 this beautiful Parisian apartment saw the first rays on sunshine in over 70 years. Once its window shutters had been opened, a 70-year old, cog-webbed time capsule unveiled a magical place where time literally have stood still. Under a thick layer of dusk lay a treasure trove of turn-of-the-century objects. The owner of the apartment, Mrs. De Florian left Paris around the same time...

1950s Vintage Accessories for your Home

In the 1950s many countries were recovering from WWII. Across Britain, towns and cities were being rebuilt and redeveloped, more women were working in office and industries than ever before, and a sense of post-war optimism was beginning to flourish. What did this mean for interior décor? Homes had to be practical, with kitchen and cleaning to help the modern man and woman get housework...

Get the Diner Look with Bar Stools
Written by Featured Post in Interior

Get the Diner Look with Bar Stools

Decorate your dwellings this year by kitting your kitchen out diner-style. With a few wise purchases and a couple of classic bar stools, you can turn your home into a retro heaven. Junk stores and sites like eBay are veritable treasure troves when it comes to sourcing retro treats. From vintage neon letters to authentic art work, they’ve got the lot – and usually at...

The Modern Bachelor Pad
Written by Koop Kooper in Interior

The Modern Bachelor Pad

Back in the 1960′s there were many bachelor pad films about and one of the key fantasy parts of this model was the fully decked out, technologically advanced bachelor pads. The reality of these films that it was pretty much impossible for the average guy to have one of these bachelor pads. Sure there might have been some rich guys who might have had access...

Playboy Inspired DIY Home Lounge
Written by Chris Alm in Interior

Playboy Inspired DIY Home Lounge

Taking its inspiration from the original Playboy Club, located in downtown Chicago, this DIY built music wall is not only a homage to the electronic entertainment wall that was installed at the Chicago club in 1964 but also takes it one step further by enhancing it with modern technology. The designer was determined to have a room to call his own and used his carpentry...

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