The Edible Victory – Victory Gardens of the 1940s


The Edible Victory

Victory Gardens of the 1940s

Oct 23rd 2013 by Guest Writer

Kitsch During both world wars, though more popularly during WWII, victory gardens were encouraged among the people on the home front in America and Canada. There is quite a bit of propaganda encouraging the people to grow their own vegetables, fruits, and herbs so the troops can eat from commercial farms. Victory gardens allowed the average person to create a garden just for their household’s consumption, instead of as a source of agricultural income like with a small farm. If you’re a fan of “Bomb Girls”, a current TV show set in Canada during WWII, then you’ve seen some of the characters setting up a victory garden. It’s estimated that around 20 million victory gardens were ( continue reading... )

The Cocktail Nation

The Cocktail Nation: Clouseaux

Episode 320    Jul 27th 2014

This week we find out about a new release from Clouseaux. There’s news on the passing of a film great, the death of the worlds oldest working jazz musician, a wonderful documentary on Pan Am and of course the best Lounge and Exotica from across the globe!

Kitsch After WWII, America stood back and gazed upon itself. There was a new revitalized American Dream after all the bloodshed, home front hard work, and thick-as-molasses patriotism. The American Dream of the 1930s had been focused on working hard, men provided for their families, and hope to rise above the Depression. By the 1940s, post-WWII, consumerism and first wave feminism started to play a role in the American Dream, and by the 1950s the American Dream had encompassed the ideas of futurism and opportunity. In the beginning of the 1940s, America was in the midst of World War II. Men ( continue reading... )



Kitsch The definitive Populuxe film on 1950s automotive, industrial, interior and architectural design. A tribute to the American designer presented by Chevrolet. The fist half of this film is a collage of 1950′s American design from appliances to architecture, the second half follows the design process of a new Chevrolet automobile from the early sketches to a full sized model and finally the finish product. A ( read more... )

Kitsch The magazine rack at the local drugstore. Memories from my childhood in the late 50′s and early 60′s. Illustrated covers on the lower shelves. Screaming titles in bold, bawdy, blazing headlines. MALE… MAN’S LIFE… SAGA!!! Were these a kind of grown-up comic book? But this was much better! Silly, costumed caricatures talking in word balloons was little kid stuff. This was about real life. These ( read more... )

Kitsch Our re-runs of an Ultra Swank world are interrupted by a shrill tone from the television. ‘Howdy Dooty’ and Mom’s favorite soap opera are suddenly replaced by a Civil Defense symbol and gravely intoned warnings of the END OF THE WORLD! High above the utopian suburbs of plenty, an ever present overcast of death and despair loomed. The Cold War was a monstrous chess game ( read more... )

Kitsch Science Fiction movies and the 1960′s. Shorter distances between the science and the fiction. Bigger budgets and better scripts. New actors who have not spent their entire careers fighting giant, mutant bugs. Special effects that are almost believable. After MGM’s breakthrough experiment of ‘Forbidden Planet‘ in 1956 and mainstream Disney’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea‘ of 1954. Hollywood begins to sense that Sci-Fi can be ( read more... )