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Written by Christopher in Kitsch

How to Be Popular in the 1950s

Following up on my earlier post on how to get a date if you lived in 1950s America, here is a new film which show and tell how you can have a few close friends but be popular among a large group of people too. The entertainment value and kitsch-meter is going through the roof with this film. Hmm, why were all guys called Wally...

Written by Christopher in Kitsch

How to Date in the 1950s

How would you get into dating if you were a teenager in the suburbs of America in the 1950s? Ever wonder how social life was like for your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather? The video is taken from the Coronet collection, which features lots of fascinating vintage movies about growing up in the 1940s and 1950s. What are your thoughts on dating today versus 60...

The Cocktail Nation Podcast

The Cocktail Nation

Another Story
The Cocktail Nation on October 8th, 2017

Podcast #466: Another Story

Written by Christopher in Kitsch

American Women & The Boomer Household

Cute, kitschy and a bit sexist in a innocent mid-century way, this 25 minute long film tributes the American woman in the American family household. Through the course of it we get to experience her wifely responsibilities, such as planning the family budget, finding time to be social and shopping for daily necessities. Pay attention to the lovely and cheerful muzak-styled songs that are played...

Educational Movies about the Atomic Bomb

Produced in 1955 and 1959 about the atomic bomb and radioactive fallout and how you can protect your self from it. For someone born in the 1970s or later it is probably hard to grasp the hype, fear and fascination about the atomic bomb in the height of the cold war era. Especially for those living on the western seaboard of the US in the...


More retro goodness from the Prelinger archives. This film sheds some light on the early 1950s standardized building processes using asbestos sidewalls which apparently raised no red flags concerning health issues back then. Funny how awareness can change so quickly....

Lost In My Own Fantasy World – A Real Life Time Warp

I am sure that most people who read this blog have their own secret crush about times gone by, whether it be kitchen appliances, cocktail bars, design or cars that purr. Some of you might even have stories to tell but what about the rest of us who can only fantasize about. Meet Joanne Massey, a 35-year old housewife from Stafford, England who have made...


This Mexican movie from 1968 is I am sure as cheesy as it is a lovely treat for kitsch loving people like all of us. I have not seen it but the basic premise of it is as follows. “A wrestling hero helps the police in their battle against a mad doctor and his army of female zombies.” Sounds like great evening to me! This...

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