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Here is a short montage of footage shot in Malmö, south Sweden in the summer of 1962. You can really feel the warm sunny weather and happy-go-lucky people going about their business or just enjoying the nice weather. Everything seems more colorful, happy and better back then. I wish Malmö still looked like this, but I guess it’s a thing of the past. The footage...

Retro Stockholm – The Same But Different

It’s amazing how some cities change too quickly, or even stay frozen in time. Stockholm in Sweden had its share of major changes during the last five decades, destroying many of its beautiful houses dating back to the 17th century in the centre in order to make room for modern, blocky, concrete buildings. Everything depicted on the photos here looks pretty much the same today...

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Another Story
The Cocktail Nation on October 8th, 2017

Podcast #466: Another Story

Helsingborg in the 1960s
Written by Christopher in Roadtrip

Helsingborg in the 1960s

I got a e-mail today from Lasse who has been a frequent visitor to my blog and really likes the postcards and music I post here. So he was nice enough to supply me with three scanned postcards from Helsingborg from the 1960s to help continue my Swedish 1960s marathon. Helsingborg was a major boat hub to Denmark until the Öresund Bridge was completed in...

Halmstad in the 1960s
Written by Christopher in Roadtrip

Halmstad in the 1960s

Looks like I am stuck in the 1960s. I found some nice photos of how the city of Halmstad looked back then. Halmstad is located on the southern westcoast of Sweden and is famous for its beaches, golf courses and tourists during the summers....

Malmö in the 1960s – Nostalgia from Past Time Sweden

I’ve decided to continue posting old postcards from Malmö, Sweden. Here are three more which depicts how the central parts of Malmö looked in the 1960s. Notice how vibrant and happy everything looks and feels. I lived there myself for almost two years between 2002 and 2004, can’t really say I appreciate the changes the city went through in the 1990s. It feels very different...

The Last Day of the Trams – A Transportation Mode of the Past

Trams are a thing of the past. Nowadays, they have been replaced by buses, subways or cars. There’ something about trams that invokes our imagination (and perhaps a more romantic side as well). Sweden have had its share of trams. At least five of the major cities that had them. Stockholm was one of them, but the Stockholm transport authority decided to remove them when...

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