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Mad Men – Some Thoughts on Season One

Since my previous post about Mad Men back in November I have now (binge) watched the entire first season (13 episodes) and will now share some of my impressions of it all. Mad Men is a drama that revolves around the life of creative director Donald Draper who works at a prestigious ad agency in the beginning of the 1960s in midtown Manhattan, New York....

Mad Men – Period drama from AMC
Written by Christopher in Television

Mad Men – Period drama from AMC

Mad Men is a drama series from AMC about a swank ad agency in Manhattan, New York. It takes place in 1960, when working with advertising was probably the most glamorous work you could have at that period along with being a airline pilot. I watched the first episode from season 1 yesterday and I must say that it got me hooked. Not only because...

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Another Story
The Cocktail Nation on October 8th, 2017

Podcast #466: Another Story

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