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American Postcards gone Wrong
Written by Chris Alm in Travel

American Postcards gone Wrong

Here are a bunch of fine examples of creepy or plain just wrong postcards you probably won’t be sending to your friends and family… or then again, maybe you might? If you want to see more fun-tastic, creepy, dodgy and simply plain weird examples, head over to Bad Postcards where you will have a whole collection of things gone horribly wrong in every way....

Written by Chris Alm in Travel

Around the World with Pan Am

A somewhat kitschy promotion video from Pan American airways, made in the early 1970s that takes us around the world and back again in less than 25 minutes. The video was most likely produced to showcase how easy it was to travel around the world with Pan Am, take in the sights and then be back again in the afternoon to enjoy tea at the...

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The Cocktail Nation

On-board a Boeing 747 – With Pan Am & United Airlines

Boeing 747, also known as the jumbo jet was first introduced in 1970. With Pan American airlines as one of its major investors they had the possibility to influence the design and development of the aircraft. It was deemed that the world needed a jet plane of massive size that could transport hundreds of passengers fast, efficient and with style. Juan Trippe who was the...

Written by Chris Alm in Travel

Retro Airline Commercials

I am the mood to travel to some place warm and exciting so I thought, why not experience some vintage airline commercials from the the past for some inspiration? Here are a bunch of TWA, Pan Am and Braniff commercials produced in the late 1960s and the 1970s — the golden age of air travel — that are sure to bring a smile to your...

Welcome to Fabulous Los Angeles Jetport

This is Los Angeles International Airport (Jetport), it was built in the late 1950s and was at the time one of the biggest airports in America. They first envisioned it to be even bigger in the anticipation of the “jet age” with lots of terminals and buildings connected through a huge steel-and-glass dome building but the plan was deemed unrealistic and scrapped. Instead the famous...

Retro Photos From the Golden Years of Flying

You love stewardesses don’t you? So do I. Flying today is not the way it was used to be, so to remind you all of how elegant, exciting and swank traveling by airplane used to be here are a bunch of photos taken from the golden years of flying circa 1950s to the 1970s. For a real life story on how flying used to be,...

Retro Airline and Air Hostess Flight Bags

From online shops Retro-Jet and Airlines Originals comes these lovely retro airline and air hostess flight bags straight out from a relaxing intercontinental flight in the 1960s. Although reproductions, they look like the real deal and they won’t set you back like the Marc Jacobs designer Pan Am bags that arrived not too long ago. Both shops carries both bigger travel bags and smaller for...

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