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Space Age Lounge Volume 1 – Ultra Swank Living

Written by Christopher Alm • February 15th, 2007
Space Age Lounge Volume 1 – Ultra Swank Living

Here is the compilation that started everything. It was actually compiled a few months before I started this website back in September 2005 and I decided to keep the name Ultra Swank for the site.

Space Age Lounge – Volume 1 is the first compilation I have done in many years, so it might not be as solid as my later compilations. The theme for it is (as the title suggests) Ultra Swank living, set in the posh backdrops of the 1950s and 1960s with happy, swank and ultralicious underscores. There are 24 tracks in total and it clocks in at about one hour. Grab it while supplies last.


01. Diana Dors – Roller Coaster Blues
02. Henri Rene – Whispering
03. J.J. Debout – Sun-Kissed Chicks
04. The New Classic Singers – Call Me
05. Les Baxter – Hong Kong Cable Car
06. Henry Mancini – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
07. James Clarke – Double Take
08. Hugo Montenegro – Solo Busanova
09. Burt Bacherat – Are You There (With Another Girl)
10. George Shearing Quintet – As Long As I Live-Let’s Live Again
11. James Clarke – Holiday People
12. Neil Richardson – Rio Magic
13. Judy Holliday – Occasional Man
14. John Barry – Look Around
15. Terry Snyder – Guys and Dolls
16. Jack Jones – Wives And Lovers
17. The MGM Studio Orchestra – Bachelor In Paradise
18. Richard Marino & His Orchestra – Rots-O-Ruck
19. Alan Hawkshaw – Holiday Commercial
20. The MGM Studio Orchestra – Fashion Show
21. Mel Tormé – Sunday In New York
22. David Whitaker – Hammerhead’s Apartment
23. Jo Stafford – The Gentleman Is A Dope
24. Les Baxter & The 101 Strings – Love Beat Of The City

Listen to the compilation:

Currently unavailable

Christopher Alm

Christopher founded Ultra Swank in 2005. Has a crush on mid-century graphic design, defunct airlines, Disneyland and the Century 21 Exposition. Is a collector of easy listening music from the 60s and 70s and a Swedish expat living in Barcelona, Spain.

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  • leCurLing

    thank you very much chris for the splendid collection of lounge music
    i take a cocktail and listen the music

  • mrdantefontana

    Excellent series Chris!

  • karramarro

    I’m addicted to your compillations.
    Keep on the good job!

  • leeprewett

    Yet another amazing compilation. Much appreciated.

  • Chris

    These are nice. Thanks for doing them, Chris! I like all three, but aren’t they essentially the same songs, just ordered differently?

  • Chris

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments! This is why I share my compilations, to make other people happy, but also to introduce this kind of easy listening music to people who haven’t heard anything like this before. More compilations coming soon, keep an ear open!

  • Peoplemover

    Thanks once again for sharing your compilations – they’re very enjoyable. Now that we’ve covered the past, I can’t wait to hear what your next mix will be!


  • El señor N

    I´m addicted too!! Nice work!

  • whiteorc

    tack tack om tyskland

    I Love Scandinavia!

  • Onzichtbaredj

    Thanks for good vibrations GOOD PEOPLE and Somebody got to do it!

  • Greg

    Hi Chris, These mixes are superb. Great cover art too!

  • Chris

    Thank you! It’s funny, people seem to enjoy this compilation more than volume 2 and 3 which I feel are better compilations. But what do I know? :)

  • LFR

    I like all the compilations. They complete the ultra lounge collections. Nice work. the covers are also superb. I keep my ears open for new things to discover.

  • eftimihn

    Hey Nighteye,

    long time no see! Great to read all the positive feedback you got for Vol.1. Being one of the chosen ones (sounds indulgent, okay) to know all three already i can honestly say (and you know my opinion) that vol.3 blows it’s predecessors out of the water. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with vol.1 and 2, not at all, it’s just that vol.3 is SO good. Vol.3 is simply one of the best comps i have ever heard. So, great series, great artwork, this should be available in the stores. ’nuff said. Keep it up!

  • Chris

    Hey eftimihn, good to hear from you. I know, long time! I will try and check in with you more often. Thank your kind comments! It means even more when it comes from a fellow compiler. Actually, you are one of the reasons why I started to compile again. Thank you for your continued support and help.

  • bebouze

    it is an interesting website, I will go back there

  • Anonymous

    Wow, great stuff!I grabbed all three, vol.2 in particular is masterful, great tunes in a real program, not just one after another. Retro shopping is another great one. I was grinning with delight all thru it. Thanks.

    Do you have anything by Neil Richardson, Ben McPeek or Paul Grozney? All of them did great albums which are impossibel to find now.

    Robert Missal

  • Chris

    Thank you! No, sorry no albums. Just a bunch of Neil Richardson library tracks. But if you look long enough in the right places I am sure you can find the albums you are looking for.

  • Gonzalo

    Wow… I love your compilations so much that I posted a bunch of links to your site on Flickr together with an image of the cover of Space Age Lounge Vol.1. Here’s the link in case you want to check ir out:

    The text is in Spanish, but trust me, I totally credited your work!

    Thanks again for this great site. Cheers!

  • Chris

    Very nice of you Gonzalo, looked on the flickr page, looks good! Thanks for spreading the word and glad you like my compilations. Take care!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Great stuff! I honestly thought that these were regular editions, that’s how good the artwork was. These really should be in shops. Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    I’m grateful for discovering your work!!! Thank you very much!!! Many wishes from Athens,Greece!!!

  • Alex ·

    Spectacular collection! The three volumes are fantastic. I was moved with the quality of the writings and all more. Tk´s for sharing this wonder with all.

  • Gloubiboulga

    Can’t stop listening to your selection. Very tasteful.

  • Ernesto de Lautrec

    Great lounge!
    I also have the second volume:Space Age Lounge Vol.2 Red Carpet Ride,It is very good also!!

  • Anonymous

    Great lounge site you have! How can I send you a Brazilian instrumental music that I’m sure that you’ll like? My e-mail is luiz.tinoco@sesi.org.br
    The music was composed by the Brazilian arranger Nilo Sergio in 1966 and is called Romantic Partners.



  • Anonymous

    These compilations are so wonderful…I’m downloading Vol. 3 right now!

    1.Have you ever heard the track “Affair in Aruba” by 101 Strings? I have a feeling it would go perfectly on this compilation.

    2.Have you ever considered creating a ‘Grocery Store/Shopping Center’ compilation? Music created for easy listening in those sorts of places back in the day…that would be my dream come true!

    3.I hope you will re-post your Retro Christmas comp – I missed it the last couple years and would LOVE to hear it finally! Long live Esquivel!!!

  • Anonymous

    Whoops, I meant the ‘Affair in Aruba’ would go well on Vol. 3 – Flying Music!

  • Chris

    I have not heard that track by 101 Strings, I do have quite a lot of their work – but not that one.

    I have created to compilations full of mall music/muzak! I am surprised you didn’t see them already? They are called Retro Shopping Vol. 1 and 2 – and you can download them through this link: http://blog.thirdphaze.com/labels/compilations.php

    I will upload Retro Christmas again around Christmas ;)

  • Chris

    By the way, I see that Retro Christmas is still available, so feel free to download it! You can grab it through the compilation links in my previous comment! :)

  • agustin

    ei men this are the most exelent compilations on the world!!!!!!!! perfect!!!! You must produce mooorrrr men please

  • trucdouf

    Hey – do I have to pay MegaUpload to get the downloads?

  • No, only to get faster download speed etc.

  • Steve

    Thanks so much, Chris, for all this great music, etc. which I have been enjoying over the past few years!

  • Hip_Tomcat

    a REAL shame none of these compilations are downloadable anymore.
    download link just reloads this page – pretty frustrating!

    I’d definitely like to have these!

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