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Space Age Lounge Volume 3 – Love at First Flight

Written by Christopher Alm • November 25th, 2006
Space Age Lounge Volume 3 – Love at First Flight

As hinted in a previous post, here is my latest custom made compilation. The theme for this one is jet travel in the late 60s / early 70s – which basically means lots of delicious strings, brass and funky bass lines in every form.

This is the kind of music you would listen to when jet-setting around the globe first class in a Boeing 747. For all you airline buffs out there, I have included a bit of Pan American jet flight history as a bonus track. The compilation clocks in at about 70 minutes and features 25 tracks in total.


01. Yoshinori Sunahara – Theme from Take-Off
02. The Alan Tews Orchestra & Chorus – Let’s Fly
03. Briamonte Orchestra – Rota Sul
04. Claude Bolling – Boeing 747
05. John Cacavas – Theme (from Airport 1975)
06. Dominic Frontiere – Embassy Row
07. Manfred Minnich – High In the Sky
08. Franck Pourcel & Orchestre – On Ne Vit Que Deux Fois
09. Don Innes – Lovers in the Park
10. Hartmut Kiesewetter – Fly With Me
11. Dominic Frontiere – Love Theme
12. Burnie Whilbley – Concorde
13. I. Martin & B. Dee – Right on Tune
14. John Cacavas – Main Title (from Airport 1975)
15. Piero Piccioni – Party Music (Alternate 2)
16. The Roger Webb Sound – Play Girl
17. Philippe Sarde – Samba Multicolore
18. Nelson Riddle – My Life
19. Roy Budd – Hurry to Me
20. Bill Geldard – City By Night
21. Werner Drexler – Velvet Piano
22. Duncan Lamont – Lazy Sunday
23. David Snell – Light and Easy
24. Yoshinori Sunahara – Theme from Landing
25. Bonus Track – Pan Am History

Listen to the compilation:

Via Grooveshark

Christopher Alm

Christopher founded Ultra Swank in 2005. Has a crush on mid-century graphic design, defunct airlines, Disneyland and the Century 21 Exposition. Is a collector of easy listening music from the 60s and 70s and a Swedish expat living in Barcelona, Spain.

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  • Chris Sobieniak

    Thanks! :-)

  • Chris

    You are welcome! Hope you enjoyed my compilation! Waiting to hear more comments from you guys, come on!

  • Anonymous

    Perfectly designed cover for this outstanding collection – thanks!

  • eftimihn

    Heya nighteye,

    i’ll already gave you my rating for this amazing comp in private, but for the record i will state openly in public that this truly deserves a 10/10 rating. Great stuff! ;-)

  • Chris

    Thank you for all your kind comments! :)

  • Old Vinyl

    I am just getting this at the moment, however it’s not the fastest of servers, but it will be well worth the wait.
    By the way, do you have volumes 1 and 2 of this available?

  • Chris

    I have volume 1 and 2, but I never posted them on my blog. Maybe I will do that later, not sure yet. I am currently working on other compilations that will be posted next year.

    I uploaded it on WW Filedump because it’s free. You don’t need to enter any confirmation codes, no waiting lines like on RapidShare etc. If you know of any other file host that’s better feel free to tell me.

  • Anonymous

    Totally Fabulous ! A perfect mix. Would love to hear 1 + 2. Great cover, too !

  • Lee

    I very much enjoyed this comp! Excellent selection and cool cover, it’s totally up there with my Ultra-Cool lounge series. Makes me nostalgic for the brown-tinted everything in the 70s.

    Please post 1 & 2! :) Thanks again and have a happy holidays!

  • rockovergraceland

    great stuff yo,,,check out my blog..love your comp Space Age Lounge Volume 3 – Love at First Flight please post or send me vol 1 and 2…add me as a link if ya like my site///happy new years,,,ps loved the old radio ads for jet travel..if you are lookin for any think let me know maybe we can trade

  • Traitor Vic

    Amazing and Beautiful!

    I’ve had it since Early December of Last Year and keep going back to it as it is Amazingly Good!

    Volumes 1 & 2 would certainly be appreciated (by those of us who are obsessive completists, especially), but Thanks So Much for Vol. 3!!!

  • Paul F.

    Wow, great stuff. I have a great John Cacavas collection of James Bond tunes, but never saw him anyplace else. Would love to see your first two volumes…

  • Chris

    Thank you for your kind comments!

    Paul F, I have a library record with mostly John Cacavas crime jazz songs. It seems he did alot of library tracks back in the late 60s and early 70s.

    Will try and post volume 1 and 2 of “Space Age Lounge” in a near future. I might post two new compilations first, not from the “Space Age Lounge” series.

  • julioxo

    Thanks for good post

  • Anonymous


    Muchas gracias, amigo. Gonna listen now.


  • Anonymous

    just your artwork is fantastic enough alone – the great music is just a bonus ! :-)

  • punkiestmonkey

    Thank you for this amazing collection of songs! On monday I shall fly from Tokyo to London and this mix will make my journey so much more…how it was supposed to be! Thank you!

  • MenuMate

    great compilation, i love your cover art, also love the embedded cover art on a couple of the tracks. well done.

    I would love to see some more cover art for other tracks, perhaps the next compilation you do you could create a cover for each track??

    thanks a heap from Australia

  • Anonymous

    WOW, Just webbing around when I got myself at your blog. What the hell, a Lounge compilation I didn´t know about. Looks great, the cover, the tracks… So I went to Ebay to try and buy a copy of it. Didn´t show up! Hell, it must be somewhere else. Let´s Google it & see what comes out! Nope, Nada, Not Good. Well, it must sell somewhere. Where then? Came back to your blog to find out there was a link to download it. That was a complete surprise… And a great compilation this is. Actually I downloaded all of them and are transfering them to WAV and copy them to CD. They will be a joy to listen in the car, beach, holidays, etc. May the joy you are bringing to others, be yours too! Obrigado from Portugal!

  • Anonymous

    Thank You!!

    Thank You!!

    Thank You!!

    What a great compliation!!

    Light, Trippy, Fun .. excellent!!


  • Chris

    Glad you enjoy it Zepp! :D

  • C.K. Dexter Haven

    Chris, as much as I enjoyed “Voice From a Photograph”, I have to say that “Love at First Flight” is your best effort. Every song perfectly fits the mood; I feel like I’m back in the early 1970s every time I listen to this. Great job as always, but this one is my all-time favorite! More like this, please!

    You’ve also gotten me interested in the stewardessess of this era, as well as your beloved Sweden…thanks!

  • patetlao

    Thank You very much, Chris!
    for examle:

    Have You TWA’s or Pan AM’s flight music?

    Återigen, tack!

  • I have some Pan Am commercials and music, but they are most likely from the 70s and 80s. Also have another record with Qauntas (I think) inflight music. I have not listened to the Karminsky compilation, but it looks good!

  • Erik

    Gracias , muy buen material que incluso es dificil de conseguir en tiendas especializadas.

    Muy bueno!!!!

  • Gracias Erik, me alegra que te guste!

  • Hello fellow Jet Setter,
    What an exceptional compilation!
    My name is Saara, and I host a variety show in New York called “Mama D's Arts Bordello”. We showcase storytellers, burlesque, music, trivia contests, and comedy.
    The theme for our upcoming show on Feb. 5th is “The Jet Set”.
    So your website added some inspiration for our in-flight entertainment at Parkside Lounge!
    Thanks–and keep living the high life!

  • Cheers! Hope that the music found on this compilation will out for the “Jet Set” radio themed show. That's what it's for!

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  • Briviba-41

    “Download” – How???

  • Briviba-41

    rapidshare or megaupload, Pleease!!!

  • Briviba-41

    Temporarily unavailable ???

  • briviba

    Hey, “swank” should be confirmed. Where is It?

  • It is unavailable until further notice. When I moved to Spain I couldn’t bring all my things so I currently don’t have the original archive and artwork available. I suggest you look on Soulseek.

  • briviba

    А-а понятно. Спасибо. В Испанию? Значит на пенсию вышли.) Удачи.

    А альбом я ваш нашёл, он есть в Сети, на мегааплоаде.

    Кстати, большое спасибо за альбом Истерна!

    Buena suerte!

  • Brunostyle69

    Hey!!! excelente recopilacion, pero como puedo conseguirla? cuando volvera a estar disponible la descarga de esta musica?? la quiero!!!!…. Saludos he he

  • It needs to be re-uploaded, will do that as soon as possible. Cheers!

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  • Frank Highly

    Excellent compilation. Which film/CD did Piero Piccioni’s Party Music (Alternate 2) come from?

  • It is from his score of Playgirl ’70

  • Claudio Delamare

    Will your compilations be available again? I can’t download them because the links seems to bem unavailable (they just re-load the same page)

  • Only Retro Christmas is available at the moment.

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