Become a Ultra Swank Contributor

Ultra Swank is all about sharing great things from the past. If you have a swell idea for a article became a Ultra Swank guest contributor. Here’s a link to all current guest posts that have been published.

What kind of material can I submit to Ultra Swank?

Anything that has something to do with retro living, whether it’s a architecture, a movie review, a house tour, impressive design or anything kitsch, chic or vintage. Material that is offensive or adult oriented will not be accepted. Ultra Swank will not endorse any product or service of yours – unless you pay us an enormous amount of money (hardee har har). We only accept original content that has not been published elsewhere first.

Do I need to submit a image with my post?

Submitted posts that comes with images will definitely be prioritized. Please include at least one relevant high resolution image (minimum 1000 pixels wide) with your submission. Additional images or video clips from either YouTube or Vimeo are much appreciated.

Will I be referenced as the author of the post?

Yes, you will be credited to the post and it will have your name attached to it. Ultra Swank is licensed under a Creative Commons Sharealike license meaning that anyone is free to share and remix your work as long as Ultra Swank is attributed and any deviations are non-commercial. Also, please make sure that any material you submit can be attributed to these guidelines (meaning let’s try not break any copyright laws or piss people off).

Why should I submit a post to Ultra Swank?

Getting published is a great way to be seen and read by thousands of retro lovers. Perhaps you are a writer who would like to get into blogging or writing but don’t have the time or inclination to set up your own blog. Perhaps you are a normal Joe or Jane who want to contribute to keeping the retro community alive. Either way, anyone is welcome to write for Ultra Swank.

Please notice that there is no money or financial support involved when submitting an article. This is a non-paid proposal.

If you have read and accept the terms above, click here to send us a message with your contact details and a description of what you would like to write about.