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90 Years of Movie Titles

Written by Christopher Alm • July 29th, 2009
90 Years of Movie Titles

Christian from the Netherlands, graphic designer by day and movie buff by night sends me this link to a website of his which features stills from hundreds of movies back from the silent movie era up until today. For anyone who is interested in movies or graphic design here is your chance to admire the great work of of talented title designers.

Not only have Christian captured stills from the titles, but also the end title and trailer if available. Apparently, the movies featured are all movies that Christian has seen so I am sure that the collection will grow quite quickly. Above are a few of my favorites, which are yours? Head over to The Movie Stills Collection to browse the entire archive.

Christopher Alm

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  • Ah, that looks like a font lover’s dream, there’s an official name for being a “font lover” but it escapes me at the moment. Why don’t they use cute fonts anymore at the beginning of movies? Also there aren’t any good intros anymore. Ugh, I was born in the wrong decade.



  • @Jennifer Official name huh? Hmm, never heard of it but both you and me were definitely born a few decades too late.

  • I think it’s called being a typography enthusiast. Hmm, that’s kind of a boring title.

  • “Deze website is tijdelijk onbereikbaar voor het algemene publiek.”

    :((( I hope it is truly temporary….

  • Bad luck, it was working great a few days ago. I have emailed the author to see what’s going on.

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