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Dentist on the Job

Written by Christopher Alm • October 12th, 2005

This British movie from 1961 can actually be found on the DVD version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Well, okay not really. Before the actual movie begins, you are presented with about two minutes of the opening titles from Dentist on the Job. A voice from the projectionist is then heard, that it’s the wrong movie, and then the Holy Grail begins.

I couldn’t help thinking that I’d actually want to see this movie, however silly it may be. The playful music and story seems perfect for a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon.

Christopher Alm

Christopher founded Ultra Swank in 2005. Has a crush on mid-century graphic design, defunct airlines, Disneyland and the Century 21 Exposition. Is a collector of easy listening music from the 60s and 70s and a Swedish expat living in Barcelona, Spain.

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  • Chris Sobieniak

    Thanks for the music! I actually liked this bit myself and wanted to listen to it over and over and over instead of watching the other film!

  • Chris

    Yes, the music is very nifty and playful. The movie is probably very cheesy and british, but it would be fun to see it someday.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Sounds like a no-brainer kind of film.

  • Gilbert

    I’ve actually got this movie if you want to see it!! Quite funny and fun.


  • It kinds of old song but I like it. I wish I will see the movie someday.

  • The video in the beginning ads to the awareness of the people to take care of their teeth properly.

  • thxjay

    These are great classic British comedy movies. Dentist In The Chair (1960) and Dentist On The Job (1961) are very much in the “Carry On” style of films.

    They are both available on dvd from Amazon UK.

    Dentist In The Chair

    Dentist On The Job

    Love the new BlueHipster banner!

    And looking forward to new volumes of your amazing compilations :)


  • Sorry Jay, your comment was identified as spam by the comments system because of the links. I have fixed the problem now. More compilations are on their way!

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