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Movie Recommendations – Part 2

Written by Christopher Alm • April 18th, 2007
Movie Recommendations – Part 2

Been a while since I recommended any movies, so I think we are due for some new ones. Any movie buffs out there have probably seen most of them already, but if you haven’t you have missed out on some great movies.

Blowup (1966)

Classic British movie about a swinging photographer in London who discovers he has captured a murder of a woman on a photograph. Making bigger and bigger prints of the photo he tries to find out what has happened. Lots of cool clothes in this movie for all of you are into the 60s mod fashion. Excellent score by Herbie Hancock.

Forbidden Planet (1956)

Interesting science-fiction cult movie starring Walter Pidgeon and Leslie Nielsen. Forbidden Planet is over 50 years old, but does surprisingly not feel that dated at all. The effects and sets are really excellent, hard to understand how they pulled it all off back then. The music is super eerie and scary, I believe it is the first ever electronic soundtrack for a movie and it really adds a certain something to the movie.

The Ipcress File (1965)

British suspense film starring Michael Caine playing a counter espionage agent in London investigating the kidnapping of several scientists. Set in London with some really nice location shots. Really good score by one of my favorite composers John Barry. Mike Myers used the character in this movie as one of his several inspirations for “Austin Powers”.

The Paper Chase (1973)

Drama about a struggling first year law student studying at Harvard under a very strict professor. Dealing with the pressure of studying, fear of failing and love at the same time. Has a excellent very easy going score by Johnny (John) Williams, not all like the music he is famous for today. The movie was later turned in to a TV-series shown in the late 1970s.

Christopher Alm

Christopher founded Ultra Swank in 2005. Has a crush on mid-century graphic design, defunct airlines, Disneyland and the Century 21 Exposition. Is a collector of easy listening music from the 60s and 70s and a Swedish expat living in Barcelona, Spain.

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  • Doft Fischer, Canada

    Perhaps the original “Rollerball” would not be an inappropriate recommendation ?

  • Chris

    Have not seen the original “Rollerball” movie yet, thank you for the tip doft fischer. More movie recommendations will be added in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Chris, I have only one specific taste in music, and I’m to say that you are my #2 man behind (You Don’t Have To Visit This Blog). My musical tastes are very hard to fill (even for myself), and finding others here with the same needle in the same groove is a rarity. I just got started myself, but I haven’t found how to get my records transfered. I need some time decoding how to use all the software I bought to make mp3 files and cables so I can transfer them off from the player to my computer. But it’s a work in progress. I hope someday I will be able to upload and post on my sight some of what I’d like to share from my collection. I’m Fairchild 412 here. Thanks again for making my world just a little bit happier with all your great tunes. THANKS!

  • Chris

    Thank you for your input Fairchild412! You are right, it is alot of work to transfer old records to a digital file, especially when you do alot of post production like me. I agree that ‘You Don’t Have To Visit This Blog’ is a great site, top notch stuff there!

  • Anonymous

    Hejsan, vilken trevlig och skön spaceageorienterad sajt du skapat. Kan inte låta bli att rekommendera några filmer som jag tror passar dig: Casino Royale (orginal med David Niven), En Söndag I New York (Jane Fonda, Barbarella (Jane Fonda igen) och till sist en TV-serie: The Avengers (tyvärr utgången på DVD)
    Hälsningar Bengt, Göteborg

  • Christoffer

    Hej Bengt, tack för dina kommentarer! Casino Royale (originalet) har jag sett, Söndag i New York har jag inte lyckats hitta än. The Avengers har jag ett tiotal avsnitt som jag inte hunnit se än. Bockar och bugar för tipsen ändå! :)

  • Nada

    Hi there. Just to mention that the Blow Up score was written by Herbie Hancock (not Quincy Jones)

    You have a nice blog.



  • Chris

    You are so right Nada, thank you for pointing that out. I must have been tired when I wrote that post. Thank you again.

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