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Christmas Shopping – A Long Time Ago in Sweden

Written by Christopher • November 29th, 2005
Christmas Shopping – A Long Time Ago in Sweden

Tempo department store in Boden, Sweden

Have you started making your Christmas shopping yet? If not, take a trip to the northern parts of Sweden and visit this Tempo department store.

Sure looks swell with all the busy people running around.


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  • Chris

    Three weeks between posts? You must have a personal life or something. What’s it like?

  • Chris

    Yeah sorry about that. I’ve been pretty busy lately. My goal when I started this blog was to post at least once a week. But now the posts will become even more sparse since I’m loosing my broadband connection tomorrow. I’m switching provider and should be back again in about 3 weeks if everything goes well. Wish me luck!

  • Charissa Martinkauppi

    Men det är ju Boden! :)

  • Det var mer än jag visste! För att citera från tv-serien Xerxes: “Boden, Boden – helvetet på jorden.”

  • Charissa Martinkauppi

    Helvetet på jorden är lite att ta i, men roligaste platsen på jorden är det väl kanske inte! :)

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