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Awesome Alan – The King of Library Music

Written by Steven Padal • May 28th, 2010
Awesome Alan – The King of Library Music

Alan Hawkshaw has been known for composing music for many movies and television shows in the 1960s and ’70s. Listening to an organ sometimes gives people the feeling they’re in a funeral or church – not when you listen to Hawkshaw! Hawkshaw’s Mo’Hawk album has the right grooves that offers a spectacular mix of organ, flute and brass instruments.

Emotions emerge when you feel like hopping on a flight for a holiday, the next minute you feel like you’re being chased through the city streets. My personal favorite is “Action Man.” For a sample of Mo’Hawk, watch a video of “Girl in a Sportscar” and “Action Man”. Do you have a personal favorite? Comment below!

Steven Padal

Steven Padal lives in Chicago where great architecture and jazz surround the city. He is an architect, photographer, historian and has a passion for WWII-era culture.

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  • Not forgetting all the other great KPM legends such as Keith Mansfield, Duncan Lamont, James Cameron, James Clarke and Brian Bennett, all of them still alive and kicking today!

  • Progrocktv

    I still think you did a GREAT job on the Girl in a Sportscar video. I still get a lump in my throat every time I see it;-)

  • If I had better footage it would look even more luscious!

  • perri

    I downloaded “SAL: Red Carpet Ride” a couple of years ago (I thought I thanked you, but I don't think I did–unless I'm “anonymous.” I'm sorry. Please accept a belated thanks!). I haven't listened to it in some time, but in viewing the tracklist I noticed Alan Hawkshaw's name. When I saw it I immediately recalled purchasing his greatest hits a couple of years ago. (I'm sure I was influenced by “Red Carpet Ride.”) Anyway, with Hawkshaw's comp fresh on my mind I came here. Just finished downloading “SAL Vol. 3”. After the download started I went to your homepage and to my surprise there's a post about the Hawkshaw comp. Nice!

    That definitely brought a smile to my face.

    “Beatniks and Hipsters '71” sounds cool. I'm going to download it too. Thanks again!

  • Glad you enjoy it and that it influenced you to get into library music!

  • perri

    Speaking of “library music”, if you haven't already happened upon this podcast you might enjoy listening to “Noise Welcome At This Library.” Here's the link:http://www.studio360.org/episodes/2009/10/02

  • Nice tip and a good start for people who want to know more about library music.

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