Roadtrip I got a e-mail today from Lasse who has been a frequent visitor to my blog and really likes the postcards and music I post here. So he was nice enough to supply me with three scanned postcards from Helsingborg from the 1960s to help continue my Swedish 1960s marathon. Helsingborg was a major boat hub to Denmark until the Öresund Bridge was completed in 2000. There is still a ferry line to Denmark – but the charm of taking the old kitschy DSB ferries from the old Helsingborg F station to Helsingør is now a thing of the past. Thank you again, Lasse. Be sure to stop by his recordshop if you are into ( continue reading... )

The Cocktail Nation

The Cocktail Nation: RIP Lauren Bacall

Episode 324    Aug 24th 2014

Sad news last week of the passing of Lauren Bacall, so on this edition of the Cocktail Nation we will take a look at her life and times. News on what they call the “Steve McQueen effect”, news on a classic Cadillac dealership in trouble in Los Angeles, and I will take a look at what is happening on the neo lounge music scene from across the globe.

Roadtrip Looks like I am stuck in the 1960s. I found some nice photos of how the city of Halmstad looked back then. Halmstad is located on the southern westcoast of Sweden and is famous for its beaches, golf courses and tourists during the summers. ( continue reading... )

Roadtrip I have decided to continue posting old postcards from Malmö. Here are four more which depicts how the central parts of Malmö looked in the 1960s, notice how vibrant everything looks and feels. I lived there myself for almost two years between 2002 and 2004, can’t really say I appreciate the changes the city went through in the 1990s. It feels very different from what ( read more... )

Stores Time again to visit the yesteryear’s shopping experience. Here are some fresh assorted postcards from two different shopping centers in Sweden, one from Stockholm and the other one from Gothenburg. I have only visited the latter a couple of times, and it is still there – but it looks slightly different today (as many other things from the past). ( read more... )

Architecture Malmö’s first skyscraper (and one of Sweden’s earliest) was built in 1964 and namned Kronprinsen (The Crown Prince). It stands 27 floors tall and features 700 apartments which can house as many as 3 000 people. The cost of building it was a staggering 90 million SEK (approx. $12 000 000). Standing at the top of the building, on the visitors terrace, one could see ( read more... )

Compilation Since it is summer and very hot outside (at least in the northern hemisphere), many people prefer to stay indoors in a temperature-controlled environment. So why not spend some time at your local mall? This is a exclusive custom made compilation for this website, to celebrate the mood and feel of the American shopping malls of the 1950s and 1960s. This compilation has everything a ( read more... )