Film I have a keen movie interest and therefore I would like to recommend some lush movies I have seen recently. Most of them are what most people would refer to as “oldies”, but I think some of the best movies was made in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. If you are expecting to see masterpieces by famous directors, you are wrong. I watch movies that make me feel good, happy or movies that has a certain feel to them. And that is all that counts. The Best of Everything Very nice timepiece showing the life of some career women of the 1950s. Think of Working Girl meets Sex and the City. Has some great New ( continue reading... )

The Cocktail Nation

The Cocktail Nation: Stolen Idols

Episode 325    Aug 31st 2014

Drew farmer from the Stolen Idols joins me on the show this week, got some stories on sixties decorating and some of the things we have forgotten from the past that are probably worth re igniting. I’ll also share a blog I wrote recently about modern life and how to live better, plus the best exotica and lounge music across the globe.

Stores Time for another visit to yesteryears shopping malls in Sweden, this time focusing on a gem located in the suburbs of Gothenburg in the southwest parts of Sweden. The Frölunda Torg mall was built in 1966 and was by its completion the biggest mall in Europe. It took seven years and 80 million Swedish Krona (approx. $100 000 000) to complete it. In 1974, another 13.300 squaremeters was added with 14 new shops and one restaurant. In the 1983 there was another big expansion phase, when Domus (ex nationwide department store chain) moved out from two of their three levels ( continue reading... )

Stores Postcards from various shopping centers, malls and department stores in Sweden from the 1960s and 1970s. Pay attention to the various plants, swank architecture and lovely colors. ( read more... )

Inspiration Have you started making your Christmas shopping yet? If not, take a trip to the northern parts of Sweden and visit this Tempo department store. Sure looks swell with all the busy people running around. ( read more... )

Architecture I’ve always had a keen interest in architecture, but nowadays it seams bigger than ever. Probably because I have been lucky enough to find some interesting books at my college library about the modernism and functionalism in Sweden. The modernism architecture was introduced in Sweden during the Stockholm International Fair in 1930 and really set a standard for the design and lifestyle during the following ( read more... )

Dentist on the Job

Oct 12th 2005 by Christopher



Film This British movie from 1961 can be found on the DVD version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Well, okay not really. Before the actual movie begins, you are presented with about two minutes of the opening titles from Dentist on the Job. A voice from the projectionist is then heard, that it’s the wrong movie, and then the Holy Grail begins. I couldn’t ( read more... )