Retro Stockholm – The Same But Different

By Christopher Jun 7th, 2007 in Roadtrip
Retro Stockholm – The Same But Different

Since it is summer and very warm outside I am feeling kind of lazy. But I thought I would post two summer inspired photos depicting how Stockholm looked back in the late 1960s / early 1970s.

It looks pretty much the same today, except the color of the train station which has been replaced. Enjoy!



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  • Anonymous

    and the lack of traffic!

  • Lee

    What is the red car? A DAF?

  • Chris

    Yes not alot of traffic, the photos were probably taken early mornings or on a sunday. Not sure about the car, it looks European though. Could be a Trabant or Fiant.

  • Lee

    Hey Chris, I don’t know if this is proper etiquette or not, but I’d like to invite you and those who read you blog to take a look at mine and see my evolving mania around mid-century Bakersfield California. I write under the pen name of “Charles” (my middle name) and I tend to be snarky. If me posting my blog address is not permissible, please delete this post. I don’t intend anything untoward.

  • mblawi

    The red car is an Opel Rekord…

    If you want a good look at the gloomy concrete architecture of Skärholmen, check out Jan Halldoff’s bizarre exploitation movie “Stenansiktet” from 1973, about a gang of teenage delinquents who is hired by a disillusioned social worker to murder the bureucrats and architects who built the suburb.

  • Chris

    Oh yeah ‘Stenansiktet’ I have it on tape. The movie is such a trip, weird but entertaining. Really makes you see how depressing the concrete suburbs of Stockholm built in the 60s and 70s are. But also, interesting in a way.

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