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James Bond’s Weird World of Inventions

Written by Christopher • December 12th, 2008
James Bond’s Weird World of Inventions

Check out this scanned article from Popular Science back in 1966 featuring the zany gadgets that was used in the 007 movie Thunderball. Thank you Royalton for the tip!

Some of the gadgets actually are buckled onto Connery’s famous back. One is the Bell jet-pack flying belt Bond uses in the beginning of the film to escape from a French chateau. Connery has to wear a special Dacron suit whose color won’t bleach out when touched by the belt’s highly concentrated peroxide fuel. The belt provides about 20 seconds of flight, but only 10 seconds is used for the upward flight. It would be disastrous to run out of power a couple of hundred feet up in the air.


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  • Keith

    I’m a big Bond fan, especially during Connery’s years as 007. This is really cool to me then. Thanks for posting it.

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