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Shopping Spree – Part 4

Written by Christopher Alm • August 6th, 2006
Shopping Spree – Part 4

Time again to visit the yesteryear’s shopping experience. Here are some fresh assorted postcards from two different shopping centers in Sweden, one from Stockholm and the other one from Gothenburg.

I have only visited the latter a couple of times, and it is still there – but it looks slightly different today (as many other things from the past).

Christopher Alm

Christopher founded Ultra Swank in 2005. Has a crush on mid-century graphic design, defunct airlines, Disneyland and the Century 21 Exposition. Is a collector of easy listening music from the 60s and 70s and a Swedish expat living in Barcelona, Spain.

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  • janepeepshow

    Wow love your pictures, didn’t think anyone from Sweden would be interested in the 1950’s-1960’s! Keep it up :)

  • Chris

    Cheers! I’m into all alot of things from the 1950s – 1980s. Everything from movies to music to tv-series to design and architecture!

  • janepeepshow

    Ugh i hate the 80’s, style really sucks, don’t even start with the music, most horrible decade ever, MY opinion. Do you have MSN? Mine’s on my blogger thing…

  • BIGMallrat

    Love Gothenburg. How does it look today?

  • Chris

    Bigmallrat, looked good. It has remained quite close to its original look until I visited it the last time, about 10 months ago, they were renovating the place then. I remember the shopping center from when I was a kid, always thought it was huge. Still think it’s the largest shopping center in Sweden.

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