New York to London in 6½ Magic Hours

Seeing it’s Friday – why not embark on a delicious weekend trip to Europe. Our friends at Pan Am will take us on a 6½ hours long transatlantic flight from New York to London on their new Boeing 707 – the biggest jet plane of the late 1950s – holding up to 150 passengers. With a wingspan that is longer than the entire distance of...

A Mid-Century Gem Exposed in Los Angeles

Located in Los Feliz, in the East Hollywood district of Los Angeles, this stylish 1953 house going under the name “The Chew House” was built by architect Eugene Kinn Choy and is now up for sale if you got a cool $1,850,000 to spend. What fascinates me about this property is that there are so many original elements still intact, from the the tiles to...

The Cocktail Nation Podcast

The Cocktail Nation

The Cocktail Nation on May 17th, 2015

Podcast #357: RetroEssence

Tiki Oasis
The Cocktail Nation on May 10th, 2015

Podcast #356: Tiki Oasis


More retro goodness from the Prelinger archives. This film sheds some light on the early 1950s standardized building processes using asbestos sidewalls which apparently raised no red flags concerning health issues back then. Funny how awareness can change so quickly....

Fashion Photography by Mark Shaw

Here are a couple of excellent early 1960s fashion and style photos taken by famed photographer Mark Shaw. If you recognize the woman on the boat, it’s no other than Jacqueline Kennedy her self. Mark Shaw is best known for his photographs of Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy, which he shot originally for LIFE magazine. He also developed a strong friendship with JFK and Jackie...

Eichler numbers marks the spot

If you are a lucky owner of one of the 11 000 mid-century Eichler homes located in northern and southern California, chances are you are also a design and architecture savvy person who appreciates fine details. Proud Eichler home owner Carmen realized this and are therefore offering authentic Eichler house numbers for sale through her website eichlernumbers.com. You can buy any digit combination from two...

Beach Fashion in the 1950s

Seeing summer is around the corner for those of us who are living in Europe, why not catch up with the latest trends and styles in beach fashion for women. Here are a handful of beach fashion photos from Life Magazine circa 1955. The photos were taken by film director, musician, journalist and photographer Gordon Parks who is mostly known for directing the 1971 blaxploitation...

Elegant Mid-Century Office Design

Look at these lovely vintage photos scanned from adverts in Fortune Magazine from 1963 and 1964. I love the way how clean and elegant everything is organized, the calming color schemes and use of typical mid-century rectangular angles. The furniture is designed by Thonet Industries and Steelcase who has been active in designing office perihelia since 1912. For more Steelcase office photos and mid-century goodness,...

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