Television If you lived in the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s or even the ’80s, you probably spent some of your time watching television during the Christmas season (when it wasn’t more inclusively referred to as ‘the holidays’, like today.) Apart from the Christmas or holiday-themed episodes of your favorite TV series, you might have sat through a music-filled extravaganza special, featuring some of the musical superstars of the day. And chances are, you might have witnessed some of the choicest, cheesiest and unabashedly Christmas-centered specials. Here is a rundown of some that may have peaked your interest back in the day. The holiday season also brought some unique TV advertisements worth noting. So grab yourself a cup ( continue reading... )

The Cocktail Nation

The Cocktail Nation: Stolen Idols

Episode 325    Aug 31st 2014

Drew farmer from the Stolen Idols joins me on the show this week, got some stories on sixties decorating and some of the things we have forgotten from the past that are probably worth re igniting. I’ll also share a blog I wrote recently about modern life and how to live better, plus the best exotica and lounge music across the globe.

Roadtrip Winter is almost upon us in northern Europe, but these newly found postcards of retro Sweden brings back kitschy summer vibes that are sure to warm anyone. Those of you with sharp eyes might spot that a few of the cards depict Sweden pre-1967, when we still had left-side traffic. Native Swedes might even recognize some or all of the places. But for those who aren’t in the know, they represent Värnamo, Kramfors along with the two suburbs Vällingby and Huddinge outside of Stockholm. Which street scene looks the most inviting or… boring? ( continue reading... )

Music Halloween is just a few days away and to kick things off in a ghoulish way, this old piece of 1973 wax will most likely do the trick (…or treat). This record is sure to scare and entertain everyone in the family, especially if used with one speaker hidden in the ceiling for the proper stereo spirit effect. Heck, even I am a bit freaked ( read more... )

Interior If you ever wondered how it was like living in the old communist eastern Europe but were unable to do so before the wall fell? Here is your chance. In the heart of the former eastern side of Berlin lies a quite ordinary looking concrete apartment building that once was home to dozens of people, but today houses the quite unusual DDR-designed and inspired hostel ( read more... )

Travel You love stewardesses don’t you? So do I. Flying today is not the way it was used to be, so to remind you all of how elegant, exciting and swank traveling by airplane used to be here are a bunch of photos taken from the golden years of flying circa 1950s to the 1970s. For a real life story on how flying used to be, ( read more... )



Daydreaming The classic car race between Roger Moore and Tony Curtis in the first episode of ultra cool TV-series The Persuaders. Moore in a Aston Martin and Curtis in a Ferrari, they race from the airport in Nice to the casino in Monte Carlo while the song ‘Gotta Get Away‘ by Jackie Trent and Tony Hatch sets the perfect jet set mood. This scene really defines ( read more... )