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Thoughts on Raquel
Written by Jesse Kowalski in Film

Thoughts on Raquel

All you need to know is “Raquel!” stars Raquel Welch and was “filmed on location in London, Paris, Acapulco, Mexico City, Big Sur, Sun Valley, Yucatan, and Los Angeles!” She sings. She dances. And Bob Mackie designed the costumes. Prepare yourself to step into a time capsule that is so quintessentially 1970. “Raquel!” starts off with Raquel singing “Games People Play” during the opening credits...

Awesome Alan – The King of Library Music

Alan Hawkshaw has been known for composing music for many movies and television shows in the 1960s and ’70s. Listening to an organ sometimes gives people the feeling they’re in a funeral or church – not when you listen to Hawkshaw! Hawkshaw’s Mo’Hawk album has the right grooves that offers a spectacular mix of organ, flute and brass instruments. Emotions emerge when you feel like...

Nicola Conte presents Viagem
Written by Steven Padal in Music

Nicola Conte presents Viagem

During the late 50’s, a new jazz style and genre evolved from Brazil. Bossa Nova became a mixture of cool jazz and samba, which was particular to Brazilian culture, dance and music. Musical artists such as Antonio Carlo Jobim and Joan Gilberto were known for creating this new style. The 60’s became a catapult for the new popular genre that we now recognize as a...

Written by Chris Alm in Travel

Around the World with Pan Am

A somewhat kitschy promotion video from Pan American airways, made in the early 1970s that takes us around the world and back again in less than 25 minutes. The video was most likely produced to showcase how easy it was to travel around the world with Pan Am, take in the sights and then be back again in the afternoon to enjoy tea at the...

Written by Chris Alm in Film

Roy Budd Plays the Get Carter Theme

Get Carter starring Sir Michael Caine was released in 1971 and is most likely one of the best and most well known British gangster movies ever made. Not only does it create an excellent gritty, eerie and gloomy 1970s gray industrial look – but also features a very tasty score by composer and jazz musician Roy Budd, a musical prodigy already having completed a vast...

On-board a Boeing 747 – With Pan Am & United Airlines

Boeing 747, also known as the jumbo jet was first introduced in 1970. With Pan American airlines as one of its major investors they had the possibility to influence the design and development of the aircraft. It was deemed that the world needed a jet plane of massive size that could transport hundreds of passengers fast, efficient and with style. Juan Trippe who was the...


This short promotional film, produced in the early 1970s gives us a insight into how the classical compact Polaroid SX-70 camera functions. The SX-70 included many sophisticated design elements. A collapsible SLR required a complex light path, with many mirrors (including one Fresnel reflector) of unusual, aspheric shapes and at odd angles. The film pack contained a flat, 6-volt “PolaPulse” battery to power the camera...

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