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Scandinavian Airlines Boeing 747 – The Viking of the 1970s

The Boeing 747 was introduced in 1970 as a answer to handle the demanding mass tourism boom of the late 1960s. Built by the Boeing Corporation and guided by legendary Juan Trippe of Pan American airways – it allowed almost 500 people in its biggest configuration to be elegantly whisked around the world in style at 30,000 feet – without having to be a person...

Pan Am Boeing 747 Cabin Recreated in Garage

Anthony Toth’s home in California holds a hidden treasure unknown to most of the world. From the outside, his garage looks like any garage – but step inside and you are transported back in time to a first class Pan Am Boeing 747 cabin, circa 1979. Anthony, who works as a global sales director for United Airlines has had a lifetime dream of creating his...

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The Cocktail Nation


Remember what it was like when air travel was luxurious and exciting? When you dressed up in your best suit or dress before boarding the plane. When working as a stewardess was almost the same as being a astronaut. For you who don’t, let’s go back in time to 1970. When the first transatlantic flight to London was made with the Boeing 747 by the...

Space Age Lounge Volume 3 – Love at First Flight

As hinted in a previous post, here is my latest custom made compilation. The theme for this one is jet travel in the late 60s / early 70s – which basically means lots of delicious strings, brass and funky bass lines in every form. This is the kind of music you would listen to when jet-setting around the globe first class in a Boeing 747....

More Jet Age photos
Written by Chris Alm in Travel

More Jet Age photos

Here are some more swank retro air travel photos. Just look at the cool interiors and colors of those Boeing 707’s and 747’s! That groovy stewardess in pink looks like she is from outer space or something. All you need now is some lush jet set airplane music to play in the background....

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