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Summer mode
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Summer mode

Ultra Swank will be in a “summer mode” for the next couple of weeks. It’s vacation time and that means trying to stay away from the Internet as much as possible. I my self will be traveling around in Portugal and Spain for a few weeks but I will check up on Ultra Swank from time to time and make sure there is something posted...

100 Years of Globetrotting ads from Taschen

The ever so great Taschen has done it again. This time with tickets to ride, fly, sail and drive, they cover 100-years of traveling from an American perspective. At 392 pages filled with spectacular illustrations, ads and other goodies for only $39.99 it’s a bargain and available to purchase in May. Which is your preferred way of traveling? By land, air or sea? In less...

The Cocktail Nation Podcast

The Cocktail Nation

On-board a Boeing 747 – With Pan Am & United Airlines

Boeing 747, also known as the jumbo jet was first introduced in 1970. With Pan American airlines as one of its major investors they had the possibility to influence the design and development of the aircraft. It was deemed that the world needed a jet plane of massive size that could transport hundreds of passengers fast, efficient and with style. Juan Trippe who was the...

Retro Photos From the Golden Years of Flying

You love stewardesses don’t you? So do I. Flying today is not the way it was used to be, so to remind you all of how elegant, exciting and swank traveling by airplane used to be here are a bunch of photos taken from the golden years of flying circa 1950s to the 1970s. For a real life story on how flying used to be,...

Retro Airline and Air Hostess Flight Bags

From online shops Retro-Jet and Airlines Originals comes these lovely retro airline and air hostess flight bags straight out from a relaxing intercontinental flight in the 1960s. Although reproductions, they look like the real deal and they won’t set you back like the Marc Jacobs designer Pan Am bags that arrived not too long ago. Both shops carries both bigger travel bags and smaller for...

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