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Mr Peabody and Sherman – The Original Cartoon

Today I saw an ad for a new 3d animated kids movie Peabody and Sherman and it suddenly brought back memories of the original. No wonder I have always been obsessed with the past, loving history, pop culture from the past and of course time travelers. For those growing up in the sixties, seventies or eighties you might remember Peabody’s improbable history. The cartoons which...

The Most Popular Feature Films Released in 1950

Films from the 1950 made a big impact on pop culture as Disney’s Classic Cinderella and the first Father of the Bride starring Elizabeth Taylor were released. These timeless classics make us believe that movies from that generation were indeed golden and had a magical quality to it. Here are the Most Popular Feature films released in 1950. Cinderella A perennial Disney classic based on...

The Cocktail Nation Podcast

The Cocktail Nation


Animated trailer for Andrew O’Hagan’s new novel ‘The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog and of his Friend Marilyn Monroe‘. Maf the dog was Marilyn’s constant companion for the last two years of her life. Through the eyes of Maf were provided with an insight into the life of Monroe herself, and a fascinating take on one of the most extraordinary periods of the...

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