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Mantiques – A Manly Guide to Cool Stuff
Written by Baron von Swankenstein in Readable

Mantiques – A Manly Guide to Cool Stuff

Lounge Revivalists use a lot of different words for “old” — “vintage,” “retro,” “classic,” and “nostalgic.” And because of our Cold War era preferences, you also see “atomic age” and “mid-century” used as well. One word you don’t see used a lot, at least by men, is “antique.” It’s just not macho. The very word “antique” brings to mind the unmanly concept of fragile porcelain...

Automate Your Life with Technology

Whilst a fan of the fifties and sixties and quite clearly my appearance is that of a man stuck in a time warp I have always been a man who takes advantage of his current times. From attitudes to technology, and it is technology that I would like to talk about today. As ladies man, man’s man, man about town to quote Catcher Block in...

The Cocktail Nation Podcast

The Cocktail Nation

Sex and Hi-Fi – Let me show you my woofers and tweeters

At some unspecified moment of the 1950’s the burgeoning technology of high-fidelity sound and sex became synonymous. Instead of grand-dad’s ukelele or uncle Frank’s player piano, vacuum tubes and transformers took over the machinations of audio seduction. Clearly it was the breakthrough technology of throbbing bass and ecstatic treble that opened the path to perdition. The breathless merging of woofer and tweeter. But there were...

Return of the Retro Kitchen Appliances

American company Big Chill came up with the brilliant idea of launching a line of kitchen appliances that have modern functionality, efficiency and dependability but that look like they are straight out of the 50s. If you always wanted that pink retro kitchen, here’s your chance – with the added bonus that you don’t have to venture out on a long and slow quest to...

Retro Inspired Personal Computer – A 1950s Styled Design Concept

The ’50s are back and making its way into the design of everyday gadgetry. If you are a fan of Apple’s personal computers I bet you will dig this concept for a home computer. The “Philco PC” takes its inspiration from the 1954 design classic Philco Predicta, as well as an eclectic mixture of modern minimalism, the steampunk movement, and antiques. Sadly this is still...

Revival of the Radio
Written by Chris Alm in Design

Revival of the Radio

British portable radio manufacturer Robert’s has been making radios since 1932 and can today be found in homes all over the world, even the Royal British family. There have been numerous models in production, but the one that is instantly recognizable is the vintage looking Revival radio that takes its inspiration from classic mid-century design. Robert’s have modernized the inside with DAB technology for digital...

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