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A 14-minute documentary about the last “red car” train from downtown Los Angles to Long Beach in 1961. The red cars, along with buses and streetcars were famous sights in California and operated by the Pacific Electric company. The Los Angeles to Long Beach passenger rail line served from July 4, 1903 until April 9, 1961. Back then it still had long stretches of open...

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Cruising Sunset Strip in 1964

Here’s a interesting video capturing the midst of a sunny 1960s Los Angeles. Let’s take a cruise down famous, Sunset Strip with a up-beat rock & roll surf tune blasting out from the radio. Look at the beautiful and colorful signage advertising everything from restaurants, liquor and mortgages and not forgetting the parade of Chryslers, Oldsmobiles, Chevrolets that look like they just drove out of the car dealer lot....

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Never Built Los Angeles – What It Could Have Looked Like

Never Built: Los Angeles is an exhibition opening spring 2013 at Los Angeles’s A+D Architecture and Design Museum. It features a collection of spectacular projects that only saw the drawing board. In words, drawings, models, videos and other media the show looks at visionary works that had the greatest potential to reshape the city. The exhibition will include buildings from legends like Frank Lloyd Wright,...

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1946 Downtown Los Angeles in Color

The city of Los Angeles, late 1940s. A place of glamour, fame, and wealth, but also where crime, vice, and corruption are rife. Film noir and neo noir movies such as Sunset Boulevard, L.A. Confidential and Double Indemnity help to set stark contrasts. However, here is some old stock footage that was shot in color and still holds up very well. It is rare to...

Cruisin’ to the Wich Stand – The Origins of Googie Design

The origins of “Googie” design can be traced back to the actual coffee shop designed by architect John Lautner and by the works of his contemporaries. Appearing first in commercial buildings and used primarily in designing restaurants, coffee shops, motels, gas stations and bowling alleys, as well as schools, churches, shopping centers and airline terminals, this style of design was directed at the masses for...

Koenig’s Case Study House 22 Home Tours
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Koenig’s Case Study House 22 Home Tours

The Stahl house, designed by architect Pierre Koening in 1960 will be open to visitors for a limited time. The house was built part of the Case Study House experiments for residential housing sponsored by Arts & Architecture magazine, which hired major architects including Charles and Ray Eames, Pierre Koenig and Eero Saarinen, to design and build inexpensive model homes for the housing boom caused...

A Mid-Century Gem Exposed in Los Angeles

Located in Los Feliz, in the East Hollywood district of Los Angeles, this stylish 1953 house going under the name “The Chew House” was built by architect Eugene Kinn Choy and is now up for sale if you got a cool $1,850,000 to spend. What fascinates me about this property is that there are so many original elements still intact, from the the tiles to...

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