Voices from a Photograph – Mood music for gloomy days


Voices from a Photograph

Mood music for gloomy days

Apr 5th 2007 by Christopher

Compilation Here it is, my latest compilation – Voices from a Photograph. I have been working on this compilation for quite some time, almost a year in the making. It took a long time to find songs that fitted both the mood and title of it. The theme for the compilation is mood music for rainy Sundays – meaning melancholic, dreamy vocal pop mixed with instrumental music and songs from movies from the late 1960s to the mid 1970s. I am pretty sure you will recognize some of them – especially if you are a movie buff. The compilation clocks in at about 60 minutes worth of dreams. Enjoy, and please give me feedback if you ( continue reading... )

The Cocktail Nation

The Cocktail Nation: A Kitchen Of The Future

Episode 309    Apr 20th 2014

Got a cool pad but the Kitchen is just a little too contemporary, well I’ve got a guy who is going to inspire you to create the retro kitchen of the future ! News on the state of affairs for the Rooney Estate, I’ll let you know who is in my soon to be released book number 2 of interviews plus an incredible story of an auction of the most amazing scrap yard in history!

Compilation Here is the compilation that started everything. It was actually compiled a few months before I started this website back in September 2005 and I decided to keep the name Ultra Swank for the site. Space Age Lounge – Volume 1 is the first compilation I have done in many years, so it might not be as solid as my later compilations. The theme for it is (as the title suggests) Ultra Swank living, set in the posh backdrops of the 1950s and 1960s with happy, swank and ultralicious underscores. There are 24 tracks in total and it clocks in ( continue reading... )

Compilation Since many of you have requested my previous two volumes of “Space Age Lounge”, I have decided to share them with you here. First off is volume 2, which is called Red Carpet Ride. It is a tribute to the swank Hollywood premieres and jet set lifestyle of the 1960s. The music is mostly soft and easy going with lots of strings, vibes and flutes. ( read more... )

Compilation As hinted in a previous post, here is my latest custom made compilation. The theme for this one is jet travel in the late 60s / early 70s – which basically means lots of delicious strings, brass and funky bass lines in every form. This is the kind of music you would listen to when jet-setting around the globe first class in a Boeing 747. ( read more... )

Compilation Since it is summer and very hot outside (at least here in Sweden), many people prefer to stay indoors in a temperature-controlled environment. So why not spend some time at your local mall? This is a exclusive custom made compiltion for this website, to celebrate the mood and feel of the American malls from the 1950s and 1960s. This compilation has everything a mall need ( read more... )

Music Time for another album share here at Ultra Swank, this time featuring the groovy beats and melodies of Hugo Montenegro. This is the original soundtrack to the movie Lady in Cement starring Frank Sinatra as a private eye working in the swank (and not so swank) settings of Miami, Florida in the late 1960s. The movie is pretty nice, not a very original story – ( read more... )