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Shopping Spree – Part 5 (Southdale Center)

Time for another peek at past shopping experiences. This time we are leaving Scandinavia to have a look at some photos from an American shopping center. Since most of the mid-century Swedish malls and shopping centers took their inspiration from their American counterpart, I thought it would be a good idea to compare the design and architecture of them. This is Southdale Center Mall in...

Shopping Spree – Part 2
Written by Chris Alm in Stores

Shopping Spree – Part 2

Time for another visit to yesteryears shopping malls in Sweden, this time focusing on a gem located in the suburbs of Gothenburg in the southwest parts of Sweden. The Frölunda Torg mall was built in 1966 and was by its completion the biggest mall in Europe. It took seven years and 80 million Swedish Krona (approx. $10 000 000) to complete it. In 1974, another...

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