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Scenes from Stockholm Central Station in the 1950s

The main train station in Stockholm, Sweden or simply, Stockholm Central Station opened during Victorian times in 1871. Modified and rebuilt in stages during the years, it now welcomes over 200,000 travelers who pass through it during a day. Back in the 1950s, it was all quite different. Let’s explore further. The station was built in only four years with architect Adolf W. Edelsvärd at the helm....

Stockholm Street Scenes Then and Now

Time for some more nostalgia, this time from Stockholm, Sweden. I always find it amazing how quickly things can change, usually it’s for the better – but anyone who reads this blog knows that’s not true at all. Depicted are a bunch of street scenes from the capital of Sweden, taken between 1945 and 1978. Even though some of them were shot in the middle...

The Cocktail Nation Podcast

The Cocktail Nation

Another Story
The Cocktail Nation on October 8th, 2017

Podcast #466: Another Story

More Swedish Postcards – Optimistic and Colorful Modernism

More retro Swedish postcard goodness for all of you to enjoy. There were a large number of postcards produced post World War 2 to show off everything new and modern that was erected. The future looked optimistic, new buildings were popping all around the country and of course it had to be depicted on a postcard to that you could send it to your near...

Swedish Street Scenes in the 60s – Suburbia Deluxe

Here are a bunch of old postcards depicting normal everyday life street scenes in Sweden in the 1960s. Progress has taken its toll on all of these places and I very much doubt they look like this today. Although, I do love the colors and how everything looked so casually organized and clean back then....

Retro Stockholm – The Same But Different

It’s amazing how some cities change too quickly, or even stay frozen in time. Stockholm in Sweden had its share of major changes during the last five decades, destroying many of its beautiful houses dating back to the 17th century in the centre in order to make room for modern, blocky, concrete buildings. Everything depicted on the photos here looks pretty much the same today...

Shopping Spree – Part 6
Written by Christopher in Stores

Shopping Spree – Part 6

Time again for another visit to some various Swedish shopping centers, as they looked back in the golden days of consuming. This time featuring Stockholm and Gothenburg. Do not forget to listen to “Retro Shopping” volume 1 or 2 while looking at the photos for the perfect mood setter....


This is a cut from a educational promotion film that explains some aspects on why Täby Centrum was built. The film is in Swedish and narrated by the architect of the center who explains some particulars about it. If you look closely you will see the Domus sign in the background on the second floor of the mall. Domus was one of the typical anchor...

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