Vintage Swedish Postcards – Scenes from the Good Old Days


Vintage Swedish Postcards

Scenes from the Good Old Days

Feb 13th 2013 by Christopher

Roadtrip Do you ever think that things were better decades ago? Do you feel nostalgic looking at vintage postcards depicting city life with happy-go-lucky people, a shopping mall with a orange and brown color scheme or the latest and greatest town monument? Here are eight Swedish postcards from the golden era of urban-living that does just that for me. The 1960s and 1970s in Sweden were famous for its grand ideas for new city centres – and with them came the demolition of sometimes entire neighborhoods. All to make space for department stores such as Domus, Tempo and Epa. Sometimes, they would even be lined up next to each other like massive concrete soldiers on the ( continue reading... )

The Cocktail Nation

The Cocktail Nation: Clouseaux

Episode 320    Jul 27th 2014

This week we find out about a new release from Clouseaux. There’s news on the passing of a film great, the death of the worlds oldest working jazz musician, a wonderful documentary on Pan Am and of course the best Lounge and Exotica from across the globe!

Scandinavian Stewardesses Takes Us Into the Jet Age

Feb 22nd 2012 by Christopher | Thanks to Mike Klarmeyer

Travel Scandinavian Airlines (or simply SAS), was founded in 1951, when three Scandinavian transatlantic airlines merged. In the late 1950s, SAS was the first airline to offer round the world service over the North Pole via the North Pole shortcut Copenhagen – Anchorage – Tokyo. This “polar express” became popular with Hollywood celebrities and production people travelling to Europe. SAS entered the jet age in 1959 when its first jet aircraft, the Caravelle, entered service. They did not opt for the Boeing 707 like so many other airlines. In 1958, the 23-year-old Swedish SAS stewardess, Birgitta Lindman (seen above), landed the cover of ( continue reading... )

Travel The Boeing 747 was introduced in 1970 as a answer to handle the demanding mass tourism boom of the late 1960s. Built by the Boeing Corporation and guided by legendary Juan Trippe of Pan American airways – it allowed almost 500 people in its biggest configuration to be elegantly whisked around the world in style at 30,000 feet – without having to be a person ( read more... )

Stores Shopping is one of Europe’s first interior shopping centers ever built. This mid-century gem is hidden away in the cold northern parts of Sweden. It was designed by famous British-Swedish architect Ralph Erskine and built in 1955. Erskine wanted to create something that would be enjoyable for everyone all year round, not being dependent on the current (and sometimes harsh) weather conditions. The shopping centre ( read more... )

Roadtrip Time for some more nostalgia, this time from Stockholm, Sweden. I always find it amazing how quickly things can change, usually it’s for the better – but anyone who reads this blog knows that’s not true at all. Depicted are a bunch of street scenes from the capital of Sweden, taken between 1945 and 1978. Even though some of them were shot in the middle ( read more... )

Interior Have you always wanted to jet around the world in a Boeing 747 jumbo jet but don’t want to waste hours at check-in, security and to top of it off, lose all your bags? Now you don’t have to! Entrepreneur Oscar Diös solved the problem by taking a old jumbo jet, stripping it out and placing it on a strip of land next to the ( read more... )