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Written by Chris Alm in Roadtrip

Cruising Sunset Strip in 1964

Here’s a interesting video capturing the midst of a sunny 1960s Los Angeles. Let’s take a cruise down famous, Sunset Strip with a up-beat rock & roll surf tune blasting out from the radio. Look at the beautiful and colorful signage advertising everything from restaurants, liquor and mortgages and not forgetting the parade of Chryslers, Oldsmobiles, Chevrolets that look like they just drove out of the car dealer lot....

Vintage or Reproduction – Do you need to make a choice?

When it comes to the choice of reproduction or vintage I find that a mixture of reproduction furniture and clothing is often better way to go. Many years ago I was convinced that the only way of life was with vintage clothing and furniture, and lets face it, it’s truly marvellous because you are taking a piece of history and recycling and re using it...

The Cocktail Nation Podcast

The Cocktail Nation

Look at Me
Written by Koop Kooper in Inspiration

Look at Me

Every now and then in life you get a glimpse of what people really think of you when they slip up and make an assumption. Recently I was at a BBQ and a relative mentioned a fifties Cadillac that she spotted on a recent road trip. She then made a comment that people who drive those types of cars clearly enjoy being looked at. Now...

Retro Christmas Cards
Written by Chris Alm in Design

Retro Christmas Cards

From WhatsBuzzin.com, comes a handful of original, well designed retro Holiday Cards that trend with the popularity of 1950s and 1960s themes as seen in the television shows “Mad Men“, “Pan Am” and 2011 film “The Help“. Featuring fun, nostalgic images of 1950’s and ’60’s Retro American Christmas. Set up the aluminum tree, plug in the color wheel, and put Bing on the on the...

Creating the past for Polaroid wins Competition

Lisa Predko, who we have mentioned before on Ultra Swank, is a talented photographer based in Chicago. Her love for everything vintage inspired her to start shooting retro inspired photographs about a decade ago. Since then she has created a impressive collection of really neat photos that look like they were freshly taken out from a time capsule in perfect condition. Not too long ago,...

A Salute to Retro Fashion with Le Colonel

One way to ease into retro fashion is via accessories. You don’t have to commit to a vintage Dior dress (or even a vintage look-alike) to get the look. Don’t worry about making the perfect pin curl or finding the right shade of red lipstick either. If you want a little bit of retro style in your everyday wardrobe, Le Colonel, an accessory design company...

How To Be a Good Husband and Wife

Is a man’s home his castle? Is she always the perfect homemaker? Here are two fun and kitschy retro guides that will help you to keep your spouse happy. Apparently, the journal Ladies Homemake Monthly had a famous adage which was “You can judge a good husband by how well-dressed his wife and children were and contentment of his wife.” True or not, it is...

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