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Mad Men – Period drama from AMC

Written by Christopher • November 6th, 2007
Mad Men – Period drama from AMC

Mad Men is a drama series from AMC about a swank ad agency in Manhattan, New York. It takes place in 1960, when working with advertising was probably the most glamorous work you could have at that period along with being a airline pilot.

I watched the first episode from season 1 yesterday and I must say that it got me hooked. Not only because I have a background working with advertising, but also because of the very accurately designed sets and period music. There will probably be a season 2 of the series but I am not sure when it will be aired. You can catch season 1 right now on AMC if you live in North America.

I also recommend that you look into Lover Come Back starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day if you can’t get enough of ad men and women in New York in the 1960s.

Thanks Janepeepshow


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  • janepeepshow

    & not only do you have to be in n. america but also have cable :P

  • Chris

    Oh yeah, didn’t think of that. Thought that AMC was a national channel thingie… whatever :) Anyways, you should definitely check out that show miss Peepshow :D

  • Charles

    There are gainfully employed people in the USA without cable? Who knew? JOKING! Seriously, my wife and I were transfixed. Another show from a few years back that may exist on DVD was American Dreams (or Dream) set in Philadelphia.

    on another note…


  • klafrance

    Oh, I LOVE that show! I’ve blogged about it too. Just wait, it gets even better! And that Jon Hamm .. what a hunk! Can’t wait for season 2 (but then, I loved Deadwood and Dead Like Me, too …)

  • Anonymous

    It’s on iTunes AFAIK

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