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Skyline New York

Written by Christopher Alm • November 10th, 2008

Join Trans World Airlines and Ultra Swank for a flight to the city that never sleeps, New York city! We will depart from Los Angeles and set down at New York, Idlewild airport (soon to be known as JFK airport). Our flying time is estimated at around 8 hours.

Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the scenery. If you have any questions, our delightful stewardess will take care of all your needs. Footage taken in 1954 and made available through the lovely people at The Travel Film Archive.

Christopher Alm

Christopher founded Ultra Swank in 2005. Has a crush on mid-century graphic design, defunct airlines, Disneyland and the Century 21 Exposition. Is a collector of easy listening music from the 60s and 70s and a Swedish expat living in Barcelona, Spain.

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  • Keith

    I would definitely love to be on that flight to the Big Apple.

  • Lee Prewett

    It truly amazes me how wonderful life in the world of tomorrow was back in the day. We have definitely become jaded as a world society. Thanks Chris for another great post.

  • Chris

    Yes and not only jaded but also taken for granted. It still amazes me to see see young people in their early 20s living in a newly renovated and decorated apartment, driving two cars just because that’s the current way of life, at least here in Scandinavia. You can’t live in tiny apartment in the basement and then work your self up to the top, no way. It is too easy to borrow money these days, it’s a stupid and vicious circle. Ugh, I hate to find out what’s on the other side of the rabbit hole. At least we can still use our imaginations and go back in time to a saner way of living.

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