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Charles Schridde’s Vision of the Future

Written by Christopher • March 17th, 2011
Charles Schridde’s Vision of the Future

Charles Schridde — I could have danced all night

Charles Schridde’s illustrations from the early 1960s for Motorola is a great example of the future that never was. The ads were often featured in Life Magazine and depicted a lush, comfy and elegant future, conveniently centered around various Motorola products.

I for one, wouldn’t mind living in a pad like the ones Mr. Schridde envisioned. I guess the closest thing would be Disney’s House of the Future.

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Above: Charles Schridde — Elope to the country house

Above: Charles Schridde — For those lazy weekend moments

Above: Charles Schridde — Work out next to the indoor pool watching I Love Lucy


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