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Welcome to the world of TWA

Written by Christopher • October 19th, 2008

Here’s a glimpse into the wonderful world of now defunct Trans World Airlines (TWA). I love the catchy and somewhat cheesy 1960s theme song! The video could use some color correction obviously seeing it has degraded quite a lot over the years, but who cares.

Following that video is a promotion of Boeing’s new 747 airliner with what looks like Trans World’s livery. I can’t help thinking of the movie The Out of Towners when I watch it. Maybe that was the idea though, anyone who knows?

Update: The livery of the 747 is not the one of TWA but of Boeing and the aircraft that is shown is in fact the very first 747 (RA001) in production. It is on display at the Seattle Museum of flight. Hat off to Hans for pointing this out!

Source Airport Journals   


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