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At the top of the World

Written by Christopher • July 15th, 2008
At the top of the World

casa-11-mujeres-3 — 2CP.ac-6

This house, located in Santiago, Chile was designed by native architect Mathias Klotz Germain and was built for a family with eleven (yes eleven!) daughters. The first floor houses entertainment and social areas, the second floor all of the bedrooms and the top floor includes the kitchen, viewing area and the master bedroom. The base of the construction is made up with concrete and steel and decorated with wood and glass.

It reminds me of the Scandinavian modernism in the 50s and 60s in a way with its raw concrete walls and floor-to-ceiling glass windows – and the view is of course amazing! All that’s missing is a few cocktails and some Space Age Lounge music and you are set for quick weekend getaway – anyone else feeling like going with me?

Source Dezeen   

Above: casa-11-mujeres-2


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