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Stylish Mid-Century Hotels & Motels

Written by Christopher • May 26th, 2015
Stylish Mid-Century Hotels & Motels

Envoy Motel, Atlantic City — Via neat-stuff-blog.blogspot.com

Why do even the most standard Hotels and Motels look so much better in mid-century America? It would seem that generally they cared much more about the looks and aesthetics, and making the guest feel right at home. They were often themed and the color schemes could have been copied straight from a Eames chair.

Large, buzzing, sometimes Googie inspired signs, advertising a plethora of beds, color-televisions and pools to be enjoyed for tired motorists and families on vacation. Often, roads were overflowing with Motels, meaning competition was high, and you had to stick out from the rest to get the business.

Perhaps a Tiki or tropical inspired room? Or why not one with a roof-top pool? Oh yeah, there is also a place which allows a helicopter to land directly on top of the building. Which to choose? Those straight, colorful and symmetrical lines, made up from bricks, glass and concrete are sure to get the attention of any fan of mid-century design and architecture.

How many of these mid-century Hotels & Motels are still around today? Hard to tell. But I am guessing if they haven’t already been demolished that they have been changed into unrecognition. If anyone of you know if any of these places are still up and running, do tell about it in the comments below.

Above: Pan American Motel, New Orleans — Via neat-stuff-blog.blogspot.com

Above: Avenue Hotel, Chicago — Via neat-stuff-blog.blogspot.com

Above: Travelodge, Kansas City — Via neat-stuff-blog.blogspot.com

Above: International Hotel, Los Angeles — Via neat-stuff-blog.blogspot.com

Above: Holiday Towers Motel, Norfolk — Via neat-stuff-blog.blogspot.com

Above: Downtowner Motor Inn, Unknown location — Via neat-stuff-blog.blogspot.com

Above: Downtowner Motor Inn, Albuquerque — Via neat-stuff-blog.blogspot.com

Above: Downtowner Motor Inn, Columbia — Via neat-stuff-blog.blogspot.com

Above: Boadway Plaza Motel, Denver — Via neat-stuff-blog.blogspot.com

Above: Tropics Motor Hotel, Seattle — Via neat-stuff-blog.blogspot.com


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