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Retro Cocktails For Your Pad
Written by Christopher in Drinkable

Retro Cocktails For Your Pad

Do you know who Tom Collins is? Ever tried a Old Fashioned? Here are a couple of ideas for drinks that will make sure that your next retro themed Mad Men cocktail party is one for the books. Which is your favorite retro cocktail? Bottoms up from Ultra Swank. Martini 2 oz. Gin or Vodka 2 drops Dry Vermouth (use less Vermouth for a drier...

A Classic 1950s Café In Stockholm

I lived in Stockholm for two years but I totally missed out on this place. Café Valand was opened in 1954 by Magdalena and her husband Stellan Åström who also designed it. The café is located in the cute and lively area Vasastaden in Stockholm where it has sat frozen in time with its stylish wooden walls, signs, machines and tables for over five decades....

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