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Retro Shopping Volume 1 – Music to Buy Toasters By

Written by Christopher • July 6th, 2006
Retro Shopping Volume 1 – Music to Buy Toasters By

It is officially summer and very hot outside so many people prefer to stay indoors in a temperature-controlled environment. Why not spend that time at your local mall? This is a exclusive custom compilation for this website, to celebrate the mood and feel of the American shopping malls of the 1950s and 1960s.

This compilation has everything a mall need to make their visitors feel relaxed. From “happy-go-lucky” upbeat rhythms to swank fashion show mood music. It even features a Christmas themed song for the holiday season.

There are 24 tracks in total and the length of the compilation clocks in at about 70 minutes. Enjoy!

A special thank you to Keith from Malls of America for use of the postcards.


01. Charles Williams – Workroom
02. Ivor Slaney – Window Gazing
03. The Metro Strings – Vacation Time
04. Walter Scott – Fun in the Sun
05. Eddie Thomas and his Orchestra – Park Lane Stroll
06. Bernard Herrmann – Twisted Nerve (Edit)
07. Walter Scharf – Tango of Hope
08. Ivor Slaney – Early Dusk
09. John Seeley and William Loose – Fashion Fox Trot
10. Special Recordings – Hoedown
11. Ivor Osborne – Around the House
12. Roger Roger – Through The Town
13. The Metro Strings – Christmas
14. Clive Richardson – Mannequin Melody
15. The Price Is Right – Spring Waltz
16. The MGM Studio Orchestra – Fashion Show
17. Buddy Baker – Monorail Song
18. Dominic Frontiere – Sophisticated
19. Harold Smart – Bright Spark
20. Roger Roger – Haute Couture
21. Richard and Robert Sherman – Music to Buy Toasters By
22. Richard Addinsell – Invitation Waltz
23. J. Rhodes – Shopping Spree
24. Walter Scharf – Fantastic Rhumba

Listen to the compilation:

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