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Retro Shopping Volume 2 – Shopping Spree

Written by Christopher • June 17th, 2007
Retro Shopping Volume 2 – Shopping Spree

It is summer and hot again. Why not return to the nice temperature controlled environment inside the malls one more time? Browse all the exotic goods from all over the world, walking up and down the isles in a dreamy waltz while the soft music echoes through the muzak system and then grab a bite to eat at one of the convenient placed coffee shops.

This compilation is the continuation of my Retro Shopping series. The first one was released in July last year and became very popular among the Ultra Swank visitors. The second one features the same kind of happy, cheerful, instrumental easy going music that was played in malls during the 50s and 60s.

As a bonus I have included a special montage with shopping related jingles and commercials, just to help you get in the mood. Grab it while supplies last! Feedback is as always appreciated.

Thank you Keith from Malls of America for use of the postcards.


01. K. Palmer – Shopping Spree
02. Laurie Johnson – Happy-Go-Lucky
03. The Metro Strings – Party Time
04. Walter Stott – Rotten Row
05. J. Beaver – Workaday World
06. Anthony Mawer – Countrywide
07. Billy May – Brassmen’s Holiday
08. John Seeley & William Loose – Light Movement #1
09. Roger Roger – En Carriole
10. The World’s Fair 1964 – Background Music #1
11. The Metro Strings – Travel
12. Bob Cobert – To Tell The Truth
13. K. Palmer – Holiday Playtime
14. Ivor Slaney – Highlight
15. Walter Scharf – Rita
16. K. Palmer – Hackney Carriage
17. Unknown Artist – Music For Children’s Activities
18. Peter Yorke – Micrometer
19. Ivor Slaney – Dresden Blue
20. Robert Farnon – Sophistication Waltz
21. Anthony Mawer – Painted Carousels
22. Robert Farnon – Mr. Punch
23. Roger Roger – Pleasure Drive
24. Philip Green – Miami Beach
25. Bonus Track – Attention All Shoppers

Listen to the compilation:

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