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Shaft! (Shut your mouth) – Who’s that Black Private Dick?

Written by Christopher • October 14th, 2007
Shaft! (Shut your mouth) – Who’s that Black Private Dick?

“Who’s that black private dick who is like a sex machine to all the chicks?” John Shaft of course. The movie Shaft from 1971 is one of the most famous blaxploitation films of all time, not only because of its ultra cool black superhero but also for the award winning score by Isaac Hayes.

The main theme for the movie is a guitar driven funk piece with Isaac’s hot buttered soul voice driving it forward. There are countless covers and variations of the theme and today I give you fifteen of the best ones. The styles range from psychedelic organs to disco to reggae, there’s something for everyone in the family.

This compilation is not up to the usual standards and style that visitors of this blog might be used to, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. Feedback and comments are as always greatly appreciated, can you dig it?


01. Ray Conniff – Theme From Shaft
02. Hollyridge Strings – Theme From Shaft
03. Decimo – Theme From Shaft
04. Alan Hawkshaw & His Orchestra – Theme From Shaft
05. Joe Bataan – Theme From Shaft
06. Prophets Of Soul – Theme From Shaft
07. Sammy Davis Jr – John Shaft
08. Eddy And The Soul Band – Theme From Shaft
09. Birds N Brass – Theme From Shaft
10. The Chosen Few – Shaft
11. Bernard Purdie – Theme From Shaft
12. Isaac Hayes – Shaft II
13. Jimmy Mcgriff – The Theme From Shaft
14. Maynard Ferguson – Theme From Shaft
15. The Ventures – Theme From Shaft

Listen to the compilation:

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