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Space Age Lounge Volume 3 – Love at First Flight

Written by Christopher • November 25th, 2006
Space Age Lounge Volume 3 – Love at First Flight

As hinted in a previous post, here is my latest custom made compilation. The theme for this one is jet travel in the late 60s / early 70s – which basically means lots of delicious strings, brass and funky bass lines in every form.

This is the kind of music you would listen to when jet-setting around the globe first class in a Boeing 747. For all you airline buffs out there, I have included a bit of Pan American jet flight history as a bonus track. The compilation clocks in at about 70 minutes and features 25 tracks in total.


01. Yoshinori Sunahara – Theme from Take-Off
02. The Alan Tews Orchestra & Chorus – Let’s Fly
03. Briamonte Orchestra – Rota Sul
04. Claude Bolling – Boeing 747
05. John Cacavas – Theme (from Airport 1975)
06. Dominic Frontiere – Embassy Row
07. Manfred Minnich – High In the Sky
08. Franck Pourcel & Orchestre – On Ne Vit Que Deux Fois
09. Don Innes – Lovers in the Park
10. Hartmut Kiesewetter – Fly With Me
11. Dominic Frontiere – Love Theme
12. Burnie Whilbley – Concorde
13. I. Martin & B. Dee – Right on Tune
14. John Cacavas – Main Title (from Airport 1975)
15. Piero Piccioni – Party Music (Alternate 2)
16. The Roger Webb Sound – Play Girl
17. Philippe Sarde – Samba Multicolore
18. Nelson Riddle – My Life
19. Roy Budd – Hurry to Me
20. Bill Geldard – City By Night
21. Werner Drexler – Velvet Piano
22. Duncan Lamont – Lazy Sunday
23. David Snell – Light and Easy
24. Yoshinori Sunahara – Theme from Landing
25. Bonus Track – Pan Am History

Listen to the compilation:

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