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The Stylish Art of Kevin Dart

Written by Guest Writer • December 6th, 2011
The Stylish Art of Kevin Dart

Stylish, bouncy, curvaceous, deadly – And she wants her panties back from old men who carry them in briefcases!

Yuki7 and the Gadget Girls” are the Mangaesque brainchildren of L.A. artist Kevin Dart. As books and animation Kevin and 14 other illustrators take you into a “fixties” style milieu of jazzy action and toned down colors to underscore a mood of light hearted murder and intrigue. Seducing us with feminine curve gradients deep enough to sink your libido into Yuki and her pack of gal pals grab us by our eyeballs and pull us into an undercover world where the real spy work is the secret of how the girls tap into the code of your sexuality using their tools of utter cuteness.

A pop heavy movie score perky enough for a Lee Marvin, Angie Dickinson romp combined with all of the transitional tricks that defined the period, Yuki7s adventures are voluptuously charming making the killing all in fun and as innocent as a pair of fresh pink panties. You cannot help but smile at Yuki7, the girls and Gadget Dog. Their clever action with gentle humor is a refreshing trip in a jet to the past.

Trained as a game artist, Kevin Dart migrated to Disney Studios and Pixar. Picking up skill along the way from mentors such as Jeff Haynie and Harley Jessup. His early enthusiasm for illustration is shown in his passionate pursuit of cogent stylization. Aided by other artists of like mind his books and products project a distinctly vivacious statement of Pacific Rim attitude. A tasty blend of East and West fun satori to flavor our daily world with some healthy spice.

Kevin’s books, DVD combos and fashion accessories can be accessed through online shop Fleet Street Scandal.

Written by: Adrian D’Alessio

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