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Men’s Jewellery Boxes

Written by Koop Kooper • April 2nd, 2014
Men’s Jewellery Boxes

These days most young men are not into men’s accessories but I’m here to tell you that the truly swank man has plenty of accessories and that accessories truly make the man.

A well kitted out man will have a collection of tie bars, cuff links, watches and other manly accessories. But where should he place them? Should they be left on a bowl with his keys and small change? Certainly not. Just like the ladies, a well equipped man will also have a jewellery case. The difference is that a mans will be less ornate, probably have less compartments and more than likely will be of a manly mahogany or teak finish.

A nice jewellery box says a lot about a man, it says that he is refined, organized and cares for his nice possessions. Dumping your affects into a bowl says the opposite, plus it’s not very practical when you are in a rush and need to select the right accessories to make your suit work perfectly.

In addition to this, it must also be said that having several variations of accessories is a must. One can’t get away with just one watch, at least four or more watches are necessary and a similar amount of cuff links, tie bars and rings are vital.

Place all these items in a nice, manly compartment and you are ready to conquer the world with style and sophistication.

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